Cycles of Unbalanced Femininity and Masculinity

“Honestly, I believe in avatars as well as those who have out of body or near death experiences relaying the messages to their community to being how religions gets started.”

Very interesting Rex… So in other words, there are certain great spiritual leaders that can help to teach and guide the mass of people towards a more balanced society, at least for a time…

If this is true, I suppose we need a few more spiritual leaders among us with moral and spiritual fortitude to help light the way… Perhaps one day there may be a few that aspire to that post from our group… :wink:

in ones own walk, we sometimes forget the lessons we've learned long ago... or yesterday.
True. Are we doomed to repeat these cycles due to ancestral amnesia?

Until we learn perfectly, we shall forget partially.

I think it’s difficult and you can get caught in strange ideas about the ‘opposite’ sex, I’m sure it’s a deep psychological study. I think a nice way to think of the real feminine quality is as Bast or Bastet the female cat goddess who became associated with the home as she was a cat! Meow… So that homely quality counts for a lot i guess as Len mentioned.

I think this idea of associating female qualities with war i.e women, with war. is dangerous because women are quite dangerous creatures to begin with! I think Freud said femininity is passivity and masculinity is activity or pro-activity or whatever. So we all poses those qualities. but i think a society that has help for its females will probably do better than one that doesn’t. I suppose we could do the ancestral regression as Freud did and see that the amnesia was probably due to trauma because people, young or weak had to protect themselves against fierce opponents even family members.

I like this idea of the pendulum but i think we have to admit that there are many many pendulums all swinging away.