A Candidate for Authorship of the Kolbrin

Contender for possible authorship of Kolbrin.

Abd-ru-shin (civil name Oskar Ernst Bernhardt) was born in 1875, in Bischofswerda, Germany. At the outbreak of World War I, Mr. Bernhardt was living in London. On account of his German citizenship, he was imprisoned on the Isle of Man for the duration of the war. The seclusion of internment brought with it an inner deepening, and after returning to his homeland Mr. Bernhardt soon became conscious of his task: to open the path for mankind to a new knowledge of Creation. In 1923, he began writing essays of a spiritual nature under the pen name “Abd-ru-shin”, and by 1937, the lectures which constitute the Grail Message were completed.

“What seek ye? Do tell, what is this impetuous urge supposed to be? It permeates the world like a ferment and a storm of books inundates all peoples. Scholars delve into old writings, searching, pondering, until spiritually exhausted…

Like drunkards, the readers and listeners stagger from one place to the other, unsteady, not free within themselves, one-sided, since they have been diverted from the simple path.

Listen to this, despondent ones! Look up, you serious seekers: The Way to the Highest lies ready before every human being! Scholarliness is not the gate thereto!

Did Christ Jesus, this great example on the true path to The Light, choose His Disciples among the learned Pharisees? Among the Scribes? He took them out of the simple and the plain, because they did not have to struggle against this great error that the Way to The Light is tedious to learn and must be difficult.

This thought is the greatest enemy of man, it is a lie!

Therefore, turn back from all scientism just where it concerns the most sacred in man, which needs to be fully grasped! Leave it aside, because science, as a shoddy effort of the human brain, is piecework and must remain piecework.

Consider, how should the laboriously learned sciences lead to The Godhead? For what, after all, is knowledge? Knowledge is what the brain can conceive. Yet, how narrowly limited is the perceptive capacity of the brain, which remains firmly bound to space and time. Even Eternity, and the appreciation of Infinity, a human brain cannot grasp. Just that which is inseparably linked with The Godhead. But the brain stands silent before that incomprehensible Power which streams through all that exists, from out of which the brain itself draws its activity. The Power which everyone perceives daily, hourly, each moment as something quite a matter of course, which even science has always acknowledged as existing, and yet which one seeks in vain to grasp and comprehend with the brain, therefore with the knowledge and intellect.

So inadequate is the activity of a brain, the foundation stone and instrument of science, and this limitation also extends quite naturally through the works that it builds, therefore through all science itself. Therefore, science is indeed good for following up, for the better understanding, classification and arrangement of all that it receives ready-made from the preceding Power of Creation, yet it must unconditionally fail when it wants to elevate itself for the purpose of leading or criticising so long as it binds itself so firmly, as hitherto, to the intellect, therefore to the perceptive capacity of the brain.

For this reason scholarliness, and also that humanity that adjusts itself to it, constantly clings to details, whereas every human being bears the great, inconceivable whole within himself as a gift, and is fully capable of attaining the noblest and highest without laborious learning!

Therefore, away with this unnecessary torture of a spiritual enslavement! Not for nothing does the great Master call out to us: Become like children!

He who bears within himself the firm volition for what is good and endeavours to give purity to his thoughts has already found the Way to the Highest! All else will then be added unto him. This requires neither books nor spiritual exertion, neither asceticism nor isolation. He will be healthy in body and in soul, liberated from all pressure of morbid pondering, for every exaggeration is dangerous. You are to be human beings, not hothouse plants which, through one-sided cultivation, succumb to the first breath of wind!”

---- Abdrushin

Quite an interesting choice for possible authorship of the Kolbrin, and regardless of the accurateness of the choice, the above quote by this choice makes for some interesting contemplation considering certain topics just discussed.

Very different style, Gwineva however reads just like the Kolbrin

Hmm, I’d say the Kolbrin’s “style” is all over the map… :wink:

Nope, I cant recognize this author from any Kolbrin chapter.

Very distinct style, would be easily recognizable.

Agreed, Abdrushin is an unlikely choice for Kolbrin authorship, yet considering the subject matter, a most intuitive and common sense relationship exists, concerning certain content, that Rex saw most clearly.

And for me, the above quote was an ironic ‘icing on the cake’ on reflecting the day’s discussion…

"Energy follows thought and so this metaphysical 'sea' of energy, sometimes called the 'thought sea', is being continually influenced, coloured and modified by the mental output of human minds. This sea, which I will call the 'Mindmatrix', to avoid misunderstanding, is not to be confused with the universal consciousness. The former is on a lower vibratory level than the latter. The mindmatrix impinges on the transitional plane. An understanding of it will provide the answer for the 'Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon' and for the fact that two or more inventors, unknown to the other or others, will concurrently come up with the same idea. Likewise with theories such as that of evolution, which was the simultaneous product of two minds working in isolation from each other. Unfortunately, if worthwhile ideas are disseminated via the mindmatrix, so are other less wholesome concepts which afflict humanity, spawned there. The mindmatrix may be conceived as a great pool containing elements emanated from the thoughts and emotions of all human beings, be they good or bad. The amalgamation of these elements establishes the prevailing nature of the mindmatrix, which, in turn, influences the thoughts and emotions of individuals. Thus, there is an interchange between the energies within the mindmatrix and human minds." - Celestina

“Even man’s nearest ethereal surrounding can contribute much to uplift or debase him. This is the strange world of thought-forms, the vital activity of which comprises only a small section of the giant mechanism of the whole Creation. Their threads, however, penetrate both into the Gross Material World, and further up into the Ethereal World, as well as descending into the realm of Darkness. Like a gigantic network of veins or nerve-strands, all is intertwined and interwoven, untearable and inseparable! Mark this well!” - Abd-ru-shin

I’m less of the opinion that Abdrushin wrote the Kolbrin as I think maybe some founders were aware of his teachings.

The Culdian texts seem as if written by whoever wrote the Kolbrin but without a pretension to sound ancient.

The ideas contained across the board are consistent, which is why the inner thread sounds and feels the same. Authorship has rotated throughout Culdian texts but all of us have considered that unimportant, as even Gwineva herself had said not to focus on her or the channel, but the lesson she was imparting.

Many of us have been aware of quite a bit of alternative knowledge and spiritual Teachings, Rex, both written down and selectively shared through oral traditions.

They dont only feel the same but use the same exact peculiar terminology. Anyways i am open to hear about this metaphysical path to understanding you speak about, but I still think that we havent been told all the truth about the authorship of the Culdian works.