A Culdian's Thoughts on the Bible

Culdian thoughts read, tomorrow reconciliation. After reading "Culdian Thoughts On the Bible"...I have a question. You know I always have pesty questions. :) First let me say I agree with what I've read so far.

Do you apply the same feelings that you do towards The Old & New Testaments, etc. to the Kolbrin? Like another time, another place, different interpretations, done with good intentions…etc. Or is the Kolbrin the end all “truth”? My guess is that you wouldn’t feel that way, because the quest is “Truth In Opposition to All Else”. Had “truth” been found, there would be no need to continue searching for it.

I look at the Kolbrin sometimes as another wonderful piece of the puzzle. That there’s truth there to be found, as in the other texts. But even the Kolbrin, written so very long ago, has it’s own ancient myths that when seen through our modern eyes…well…maybe the same should apply to the Kolbrin as to the Old & New Testaments.

Maybe I’m looking for a way to say…I don’t believe “everything” in the Kolbrin is exactly as it truly was, (seen now from a more modern perspective), but it was their reality, (various authors possibly), as seen from their perspective. I can learn a lot from it, but must keep in mind just where the authors are coming from. what ya think?

The Kolbrin is not the end all of Truth. Neither is the Bible, nor modern science, nor ancient science, nor art, nor anything expressed with words.

The closest we can come to the Ultimate in Truth is through direct experience, and only the minutest portion of such experience can be related through words. And even direct experience by the most advanced of us in this life is limited to the finite set of Lessons able to be learned on Earth. The highest forms of knowledge are ultimately to be had elsewhere, although this not need to be too much of a concern or worry for us here.

If you seek the highest form of Truth to be learned here, seek direct experience within, followed by training yourself in moral discipline and through relationships of all kinds.

The best parts of the Kolbrin and the Bible only relate these experiences imperfectly from those who experienced them personally. Seek to do likewise if you would know what they knew, and forgive them for their errors of transmission. (And forgive ourselves the narrowness of scope in our own perspectives as we attempt to understand them…)

Do we have a thread yet for thoughts on"Reconciliation"…? just wonderin…:wink:

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