A Debate on Miscegenation (Race Vs. Spirit)

I thought you said ancient people didn’t think that way…

They were both (Maya and Lila) genetic decedents of both earlier groups… is the answer.

There is also Race by Spirit, Blood by Spirit, Caste by Spirit…

Well Len it's not explicitly saying "Lila was a true blood descendant of the woman that betrayed the first race of men" or "The woman that betrayed the first race of man was Lila's forebear". If it were then it would be clear and beyond debate.

Well that may be so Len but here it’s clearly talking about forebears and blood, it’s speaking of genetic descendency, I really think you’re grasping at straws here.

"Once all men were dark and hairy and in those days woman was tempted by the strength and wildness of the beast which dwelt in the forest, and the race of man was defiled again. "

Again it is speaking about RACIAL miscegenation, it’s a constant in the book. I don’t think this is debatable but go ahead if you fancy it :wink:

That passage is comparing physical races, this one isn’t:

“This is the way things shall be with those who aspire to godhood. They must follow only the paths which I have shown through the words of My interpreters. The unfolding spirit residing in those who have the blood of The Children of God and the greatness that dwells in men shall be magnified in the blood of their children. Their wisdom shall be greatly multiplied, if the tie of blood be strong. As good wine become bad if diluted overmuch, so is greatness in the blood of man. There is a virtue in the blood of those whose forbears were The Children of God, and if two people having this blood marry, then this virtue is increased in their children, so it is greater than either parent. There is a law of inheritance from which no man is exempt, for man is governed by the laws of earthly creatures as well as by greater laws. Is not the best ram chosen to sire the new flock? So let women choose the best among men that they can and let men choose the best among women, and they who heed My words will know which is the best. Let the truly great ones rule”.

The above is a teaching to others in their own race… these teachers are not teaching among many races, but one.

Oh that's being so in denial my friend, but suit yourself, I don't think you are gonna change your mind anyway .

“A RACE of men came out of the cold northlands. They were under a wise father and above them was The Grand Company which later withdrew in disgust. This RACE was The Children of God; they knew Truth and lived in the midst of peace and plenty.”

If you are teaching to others in your own race, people who are living amongst themselves, you are telling your own race how those in that group may aspire to Godhood. Who else were they talking to?

I didn't understand last post.

The people those words were meant for lived as a race amongst themselves anyway… just like Maya and Lila, for man to aspire to Godhood he would have lived up to Maya, not degraded himself with Lila and thus polluted his line, which is what happened.

Back then, a “race” varied by a MUCH wider margin than it does today

Again, none of this has to deal with the original post or its lesson…

Haha well I don't know what to tell you man, but I'll just say Occams Razor in this instance. I mean, race, blood, forebears, dilluted, you're making 2+2=5 right now IMO. But again it's quite purposeless to argue this anyhow.

Well it does Len, as you’re arguing that there was nothing relating to miscegenation and in my view there so clearly is.

There was, but certainly not in the Maya and Lila story. which is what this thread is about.

Oh well if you mean strictly in the bit you quoted then yes, you'd be correct, the Maya and Lila story was not about miscegenation.

Right… and, the Lesson of that story is something all of us can use today. But there is nothing but fatalism in dwelling over my own mixed blood, which I can do nothing about. Again, a high culture was possible after the fall… and another kind of fall, another kind of miscegenation occurred… which all of us can do something about.

Well we all are mixed somewhat nowadays so indeed it is useless. Still I don't agree with your interpretation of the other passages we discussed.

Just the passage on aspiring to Godhood while mating with another with pure blood. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

Well yeah that's a whole other topic and it has some interesting implications.

Start a new thread on it… use the quote you already used with any other similar passages.

Nah I rather not, as it's not a very agreeable topic. And anyway as we established it's something that serves no purpose anymore.

Who ever said the topics the Kolbrin raises were ‘agreeable’ to most people anyway… :wink:

Well this particular one could make people upset. Anyway this an interesting link if you wish to further learn about these things. Mainstream too btw.


The Anunnaki had blue eyes.

Why would that article upset people Mr Cufre’ ?

Guess I'm stuck on Neanderthals yet for today...but good examples here.

It’s possible that some Neanderthals had blue eyes, brown eyes, dark skin, light skin, red hair, etc. If defining a “race” is truly skin color, then maybe we might have the problem confusing the meaning of the word “race” used in the ancient writings. I would think it was meant to a certain group or community. Not black, white, blue eyes whatever.

You find something good, you stick with it, (the community group), but every now and then one is born from this group that is different. Not different by skin color or hair. But different because they have an “indifference” for the feelings of others, they’re selfish, they’re don’t react the same way, they want to control, they are the hurtful predator type person. They steal the food, take what’s not theirs etc.

Is it in the blood, the genes? Have you met people like this in your own life? Some are true psychopaths. They make believe that they have feelings. Judge the tree by it’s fruit. Bad or good. Don’t think this meant it’s only good for you if it’s purple.

Luke 17-[34] I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. [35] Two women will be grinding grain together; one will be taken and the other left."

Matthew 24-40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.

Think of the parables about separating sheep from goats, wheat from chaff, (weeds).

“The female Neandertal known as Vi33.26, for example, had seven genes for brown eyes, one for “not-brown” eyes, three for blue eyes, and four for “not-blue eyes.” By the researchers’ reckoning, that means a six-gene balance in favor of brown and a negative balance for blue, so Vi33.26’s eyes were probably brown. According to this method, all three Neandertals had a dark complexion and brown eyes, and although one was red-haired, two sported brown locks.”

"Study author Tábita Hünemeier of Brazil’s Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul says she’s not surprised by the results. “There was a large population of Neandertals in Europe,” she says. “It’s impossible that an entire population has red hair or blue eyes.”

“Carles Lalueza-Fox of Spain’s Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona. In 2007, he authored a paper showing that two Neandertals, one from Italy and one from Spain, carried a genetic variation likely to bestow pale skin and red hair. He argues that some pigmentation genes have such a powerful effect that they override the combined contributions of many weaker genes—a phenomenon that would render the new study’s simple gene addition inaccurate. The lighter skin color seen in Europeans, for instance, is due almost entirely to a single gene, he says. “We know that there are some genes that have a very strong effect” on physical appearance, he says.”

Just saying…I really don’t think it has anything to do with color/race that way. Observe the people in your own real life, not talking facebook here. I don’t think it has anything to do with believing in one God or another, or none for that matter. Does the person sincerely care about others? Or do they only ever care about themselves, and pretend to care care about others? maybe a a clue? :wink: