A Gnostic/Buddhist Goal of Existence

Is eternal bliss actually more desirable than actual thorough consciousness annihilation? the latter sounds a bit more comfy to me ;)
good question...! the problem is, now knowing (and this conforms with science) that everything is simply pure (mental) energy, it can not be created nor destroyed! 8)

Besides, the meaning of “shunyata” is that nothing actually really exists. Just like a dream / mirage, it’s there, you can sense it, yet they do not have such a thing as an inherent real self/existence.

Sth that always changes does not have a thing that can be defined as an identity / “self”. It is empty of such a thing as a permanent identity.

How can you annihilate sth that does not even really exist? 8)

Well I can't fathom what a state of eternal bliss would be like, but if it is anything remotely like being conscious I think I would prefer just some sort of consciousness deactivation after death. I mean all these philosophies we're into studying tell us that either we're bound to reincarnate on earth once again(undesirable) or that we can escape that by attaining a state in which we can exist eternally in some better realm. Isn't it there some form of just not existing anymore as a self conscious entity?
Not just in some (better) realm. Why not all these realms altogether / "the entirety" (that monists / theists incorrectly call "God")?
"Would you know the ultimate state of man when he has finally reached his goal, when he has entered into his inheritance of divinity? It is a state of glory transcending anything conceivable by him during an earthbound existence. His consciousness expands to embrace everything, all that ever was or will be. He sees all. He knows all. He is in all and he contains all. These things come to him through infinite powers of perception, yet he is above all such powers. He is beyond all yet within all. He is beyond the realm of matter, freed from all restrictions, yet he is not denied its joys and may, if he so desires, manifest again in matter. His thoughts have the power of creation. He is one with the Light of Lights, the Light transcending vision. He is the partaker of My Substance, My son in eternity, the inheritor of everlasting life."

Yet as alluring as being able to pervade all existence and go around creating and destroying universes and guiding the development of lifeforms around all dimensions might be, one has to think, when does it all this game of consciousness gets tiresome and redundant? The goal after couldn’t be to continue working upward forever and back down again in an eternal cycle but to totally disengage from the game.

but of course you'll get to annihilate the painful (i.e. subject to pain/death), foolishly dangerous, deceptive, illusory "self" you assume in this state. In this state, there is only bliss, no conditionality whatsoever. Perhaps comparable to pure endorphins without dependence on any fake illusory, deceptive external objects any longer.
Eternal pure happiness? Maybe that's subjective though, for some people non existence could be just that. But it's hard to talk about these things with understanding because we can't know how they are in reality.
anyway, it's a long, long, looo...ooong way to get there. Annihilating this intrinsic dualistic ignorance is a very difficult task. Why? Because we have existed for so long. And this is why we need to attain the blissful Pure Abodes first according to these traditions, the realms where beings live without pain & suffering for aeons to consummate their Perfect Knowledge.
when you get to this point in such topics it seems that you start stumbling upon the limits of human capacity to process such concepts.
the only way to make sure is by conducting the right meditation. In the deep absorption state, not only you get mastery of (some of) the (verifiable) miraculous abilities, you'll also get the ability to see these higher realms. The technique is very simple: the serene mindfulness on the in-out breath.

You can get the instructions in the PDF form: The Visuddhi-Magga (“The Path of Purification”) from the net. It’s about 900 pages thick.

hmm… concerning the secrecy of the higher teachings (tantric) is because these complex symbolism used all tend to be misunderstood / misinterpreted by the many.

Even i myself nowadays prefer to stick to the ‘orthodox’ techniques (the Theravadin tradition) besides the tantric techniques is strictly forbidden to be practiced by charlatans.

Misinterpretations of these tantric anticosmic symbolism (such as the above pic) by our charlatan mind will be fatal according to these texts, thus the secrecy.

Atheistic Buddhism as compared to the Theistic writings of the Kolbrin, while differing theologically on certain key elements, offer equally real and valid paths to Transcendence. One path is generally better suited for the Easterner, while the other is typically better suited for the Westerner. The vast bulk of Western mysticism has long been suppressed and been underground, and in the past century those in the power elite have actively assisted in filling the void of the Western soul with a culturally unsuitable Eastern mysticism, while simultaneously foisting an unsuitable Western culture on Eastern peoples.

On a spiritual level, the Eastern path is ‘passive’ while the Western path is ‘active’, and each leading the practicing aspirant to different spheres of existence. The realm of non-duality is beyond each of these realms, and this Earth, which makes the question of ultimate creation almost a moot one at this phase. However, a passive path for an active soul prolongs reincarnational requirements, while increasing suffering and confusion, as previously discussed. And again, the purpose for this is not accidental.

The above concepts are HIGHLY abbreviated for time and space considerations. However, they should be deeply contemplated by those to whom it may be a concern.

And Manuel, you need not worry about the problem of eternal consciousness at present, as this issue cannot solve itself until other temporal lessons are learned…or unless you numb yourself into a backwards regression, which is common enough choice these days.

WRONG again. Buddhism does not teach Atheism! Buddhism teach that there is no such a thing as an omnipotent, benevolent entity. There are many gods and most of them are even unenlightened.

Worshiping these gods will get you nowhere. One should attain the salvific knowledges (sanskr. “jnana”, “boddhi”) instead to attain salvation (either liberation or rebirth in the higher realms / heaven).

Even your Bible does NOT say about a One God. It says about gods (!). The word elohim / allah is NOT a name nor a singular noun as your lying theistic leaders have told you. It is a PLURAL NOUN (!!!).

Sacrificing your kids (oblations / holocaust) to the gods is IMMORAL.

Active?? Active in what?? no single christian (“the counterfeit ones”) can walk on water.

Please calm yourself. It is atheistic in regards to ultimate reality, and how you are defining creation. But these theological quibbles matter little from the perspective of this sphere and the next.

The only thing that rules this world is the natural laws: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. It is a horrible thing, yet the blind ones call it "grace" or even "Divine Providence".

All existence, even concepts such religions evolved according to this same rule/scheme: Survival of the Fittest where beings kill/harm one another. It is not goodness / grace / benevolence. It is wickedness / tragedy / horror.

There is NO such a thing as this omnipotent, benevolent entity who can protect / save you from anything. Only you can save yourself. It’s that simple.

Yet, driven by madness/delusions/ignorance (sanskr. Avidya, koine: Agnoia), they keep hallucinating about such a thing that they even had to falsify their own scriptures to maintain such insane delusions.

the prophets & serial killers are the same: they follow the instructions given by invisible spirits (they call “God”). If only one would learn about the history of humanity & theisms.

“They were served by evil powers”.

  • The “heretical” Gospel of Philip.

Why do you think your soul chose to incarnate into this “horror”, as you yourself choose to kill in order to survive?

okay... I understand what you are saying, and I completely disagree. "There is NO such a thing as this omnipotent, benevolent entity who can protect / save you from anything." What is it that you need to be saved from? this life? The Supreme Spirit has given this life to you for a reason. What you choose to do with it, is yours. And yes, he is omnipotent and ever present.
we can't tell for sure. some beings choose to incarnate to enlighten others, yet some are born due to the inherent ignorant sparks of consciousness (theists call "soul"). yet if you would, you can obtain such knowledge (about the causes of why you chose to re-incarnate) after attaining the knowledges. but it won't be an easy one.

if your gods were omnipotent & good, then why should there be such a thing as hell? and, again, who created it?

If Creation were good, why need SALVATION in the first place??

If you can’t tell me why YOU have chosen to incarnate here, I’d say that damning all existence is just a tad premature.

And who created your "God"? What was he doing before he created this Universe? And for what purpose did this god create you then?

You evolve from a subhuman species. If your God created you according to his image, then you are worshiping a neanderthal / ape god.

bad agrument