A Multidimensional Universe



I'm a fan, just still think there's 7. ;)
you may be right about that!
The seven within the three, the Kolbrin mentions that many times

This guy’s videos are certainly interesting


Diane Ostrander

Oh I like the song at the end! "information equals reality"-I agree! I've read Richard Dawkins too, he mentioned him a few times. I didn't agree with everything Dawkins had to say in his book, but I promised my son I'd read it. ;) Everything seems to point to the 7th dimension. darn it, no kindle version of "Imagining The Tenth Dimension". Might get the paperback. Thank you Manuel!
Is GOD in the 7th Dimension? I say HE is in all Dimensions. Chew on that onion for awhile, then rip open the veil and see. HE is not out There, HE is present.