A Musical Interlude

Working presently on Part II. In the meantime, please enjoy and reflect upon two songs; bands inspired by Diane. The lyrics are contained on the pages (click “show more” underneath the player). Both choices, aside from the beautiful music, reflect topics, style, and even instruction related to recent topics discussed, and are quite related to themes in the Kolbrin.

The first tells a Keltic and Norse style story, which we are all living, should we choose to look a little deeper:


(As to my mentioning Bowie, and you mentioning Zeppelin, Diane, I’ll have to someday tell the tale of a metaphysical showdown that occurred between David Bowie and Jimmy Page…and why it happened in the first place. Will need an appropriate context first, though.)

The second offers instruction for simplicity and a return to the Heart, that is needed when we get too imbalanced on the side of details, braininess, or pure logic. Look within, the answers are there:


(And Diane, does this message resonate in your stories of “boys”? If so, it is good to remind yourself of that Lesson you know so well, when the ‘details’ start to clutter the brain.)

Led Zepplin is my favourite band of all time.
Followed by Fleetwood Mac & the Eagles.
The Battke for Evermore has always inspired me, and somehow always conjured up images of dancing Wiccas and Chanting Druthim by the firelight in a forest in my mind.
The song really carries me away to another time and place.
Have you listened to Steve Nix singing Rihanna ? The goddess, roaming the globe, takeing lovers by night and flying away with them. Only in the Sumerian tale, she kills them too, wich is why Gilgamesh didn’t go with her.
I think Madonna, in her song Frozen, is singing about the same thing, especialy if you watch her video.
Speaking of Madonna, ever looked at the Lyrics for Ray of Light ?
Interesting, since some do expect that everyone will be threatened by the sound of thunder soon.
Thanks for that Len, was a lovely musical interlude, and very inspiring.

Music is a wonderful Teaching tool. But beyond this, music is one of my greatest passions in life. It is the Language of the Soul that can be expressed physically. I look forward to share more selections as time passes. :wink:

Who would have thought the first CD I’ve purchased in 5 years is Imagine Dragons, Night Visions. I do believe Len, (I could be wrong, may have been someone else), first mentioned this group somewhere along the line. Found I couldn’t get a few of their songs out of my head. Enjoying it very much. Sheesh, now I’m Imagining Dragons. Oh My!

Imagine Dragons/Radioactive/VEVO