A Recommendation for Meditation Music

A Person I know, whom is a little shy, asked me, a person whom is not so shy, to share a recommendation for meditation music. I couldn’t find it free to listen to or on youtube, so I’m sharing the Amazon link, so you may listen to samples and buy it if it works for you.

Bruce Liptons Music for a Shift in Consciousness

Music by Grammy Nominee RUSSEL WALDER
from the Author of’ The Biology of Belief’

Very relaxing, very ambient.

I was looking for more of his music on youtube and came across this video, which i think does contain some inspiring thoughts.


I am not so pleased with the monetary system, but the analogy between Money and ATP is somehow fitting.
Although I think that nature is lavish, we do live in a world where efficiency is getting more and more important. It is not a bad thing per se, and the outcome depends on our goals. If it only seeks purpose in itself, then it will not bring about any satisfying progress.
And of course everybody goes through this process in life. To get a feeling for what is important and will enrich our life or misdirect our energy, we have to make the experiences ourselves. Before we can apply something, we need to have some insight. We will get this by experiments and experience.

“Worrying is praying for something that you don’t want. So stop worrying!”

I say don’t be blind to your worrying, but stop fearing. There are a lot of reasons to be worried, but fear will just eat up your energy.

Edit: I got carried away and forgot to share what i came for :slight_smile:


It is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. I think some of you already know this. I think the singer did a wonderful job here.

I’m glad you enjoyed the meditation music j, and thanks for sharing your own. Listening to music for me always distracts from my personal meditation, and don’t use it, apart from certain chanting and vocal repetitions I do myself on occasion… but others may find this to be quite beneficial!

Your thoughts on worrying and the monetary system sound very intriguing as well, and I hope to see you expand on these thoughts maybe in their own dedicated threads! ;D

Same for me. Although I didn’t really meditate in a long time. But i enjoy listening to the singer here. Its astonishing how deep he can go with his voice. I tried to follow him but i failed miserably ;D

Maybe i will when i find time and leisure to write about such a wretched topic