Abdrushin and Mouravieff Various Subjects

I'm reading him (Abdrushin) now and i see a great deal of similarity with message in Kobrin. Thought people might like to see others thoughts on these same subjects.
"Whatever it may be, whether plant or animal, whether mountains, streams, countries, states or man himself, all will collapse that cannot prove itself at the last moment to be genuine and willed by God!"

I dig it

I might even read a little more of what he has to say. There's seems to be a lot of threatening "willed by God!" OR ELSE in "The Grail Message". Not sure which group of Lectures or essay's Rex has.

“That part which is really stronger, which actually dominates, is at the same time always the more sensitive part; thus among human beings it is womanhood! According to her nature it is much easier for her intuitively to perceive the pressure of the Will of God and to obey it. Thereby womanhood has and provides the best connection with the only real Living Power!” <<<Now he’s telling it like it is! :wink:

Yes, he is very "apocalyptic" in his views but, like John (who had Nero), he was witnessing the rise of Hitler. I do not agree with everything he has to say, but (like the Kolbrin) there is great wisdom to be found.
free will is the key here. Man and GOD have free will; both are bound by it's actions, inactions and consequences.
me thinks free will is what got us into this mess to begin with. Free will could not be abridged if we had not obliged. We've suffered a knowledge restriction. Maybe we can call it a right side of the brain crash. I believe what we have to strive for is what was lost. While we are here the only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort. There is no need to fear the absorption of false information when you are simply openly seeking to acquire knowledge. And knowledge forms the protection – all the protection you could ever need.

The original post, (Manuel’s), calls for more Shepherds. More of those with knowledge, ( a certain kind of knowledge), rather than those that blindly follow. What is the difference between the Shepherd and the sheep?

The anticipation of God or a savior of some sort coming to help the earth is left brain thinking. Left brain rules by conceptualization, imagination, and dogma. The right brain rules by sensing, perceiving directly through observation. “How can they be brought to understand that should God intervene…”. isn’t the passage saying it’s wrong to anticipate. Reflection, yes, but anticipation no. Anticipation is desire. The real work is done inside of us.

very true. By co-opting that work, leaving it to another or even another spiritual being, that many call a guru, messiah like figure or holy person is a cop out.

They cannot complete what we must do ourselves.

Brilliant post, Diane!

One remark, however. Knowledge is not enough on its own. It must be tactfully applied (wisdom), and the individual requires the will and determination necessary to follow through and persevere. Otherwise, knowledge by itself is a danger, a dead letter, a curiosity…

No worries Leonard. Seeking truth with both sides my brain in full operation. Proceeding with caution and reflection. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

MAN:31:8 In the Book of Beginnings, it is said: The generations passed, and a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom was accumulated and preserved in purity. It was the heritage of mankind, but though man had learned to cherish the light of Truth and walk wisely with it, nevertheless then as now, false priesthoods flourished. They pandered to the carnal desires of the undeveloped and exploited the weaknesses of the ignorant.

SVB:9:2 There are men satiated with worldly learning, who have fallen into the pit dug by their own books. They are gorged and uncomfortable; their diversity of opinions and thought confuses them. The study of the sacred scriptures is not for the curious; it is useless unless the student knows where he is heading, his destination, unless he has an end in view. Though the truth within the sacred scriptures is unalterable, can never change, the revelation can always be interpreted according to man’s progress. The hidden truths are to be made available to man whenever he is ready.
The spiritual man who is truly awakened sees much more in the words than the commonplace man, who may see no more than the letters and words. Yet words are a forest, in which man can easily lose his way. Fine sentences and a grand manner of expression may just be a lure and a covering for the pit and stake.

LOVE it!
The Kolbrin passage below always makes me blink..."They did not partake of wisdom...."

CRT:5:46 These words are also there: “They did not partake of wisdom, and fruit from the tree of knowledge is bitter. Men are denied their true birthright. The fall of man was a fall from loving contact with God into material carnality. The Soul that had shared the consciousness of God fell into unconsciousness by becoming ensnared in matter. The fall severed man from the source of his spiritual sustenance; thereafter, his efforts were to struggle back. In his blind groping for God, after the fall, he discovered demons and found it easier to worship them than to continue the search.”

Do you think it means they did not partake because the fruit was bitter, or that they didn’t gain wisdom from the fruit, and thought, (or were deceived into believing), it was going to give them wisdom? I found this quote in another book referring to the fruit… “Believing that one source contains all knowledge is contradicting reality.” But I think that sentence was meant to mean a bit more than just the reference to the fruit. Think I know…but wait on that for another day.

I think they did partake in something believing it was going to give them knowledge and wisdom, but when one believes in the deception, one has now trapped oneself. Untangling the web one strand at a time. :wink:

They wanted to gain understanding, but did not want to work for it. They wanted an easy way to GOD, but spiritual growth takes effort.
Have you ever read Boris Mouravieff "Gnosis" ? I only have book One "The Esoteric Cycle".

“As no direct link exists between the lower intellectual centre and the
higher intellectual centre, the intellectual culture which is the almost
exclusive basis of our education cannot lead us to higher levels of consciousness.
In spite of the refinement of his intelligence, no matter how
extensive or deep the knowledge he acquires, exterior man remains
enclosed within the circle of reason. Escape is possible only via the heart; that is why the cultivation of our emotional life dominates the attention, the pre-occupations and the obligatory efforts demanded by esoteric teachings.
However, if a purely intellectual culture, rational and positive, cannot
lead us directly towards the higher planes of Life, one must not think that it is useless. From the esoteric point of view, it retains its full value, and will be of great help when Individuality is formed within us. But we have to begin at the beginning, that is to say, with the training of our hearts and the refinement of our emotional lives.”

“no direct link exists between the lower intellectual centre and the higher intellectual centre”

The link has always been there but must be re-forged, or remembered, as it has been smashed and assailed in youth and previous incarnations, not to mention continually assailed by lower habits and less than wholesome distractions. Emotion is not the best word to use here; spiritual sight, heart, intuition etc. are much more accurate. The problem is that when one’s sight is clouded or has been damaged, it is easy to delude oneself or be deluded by others. Until this sight be healed completely, logical intellect is a necessary tool. Always question what you see, hear, and believe, including what comes from yourself, and be happy when you discover yourself to be in the wrong, for that is moment you can grow all the more!

Unless in a state of near perfection, intuition without intellect is a new age, self delusional fairyland. And intellect without spiritual sight is a confused maze in the end; a living death of spiritual nihilism, emptiness, and muted despair.

“Do you think it means they did not partake because the fruit was bitter, or that they didn’t gain wisdom from the fruit, and thought, (or were deceived into believing), it was going to give them wisdom?”

Wisdom is only bitter concerning the points at which our most unhealthy attachments are strongest. If you cling to a belief, an action, a habit, an addiction, a vice that is, in the end, harmful to your mind, body, or soul; knowledge concerning how you are really harming yourself is very bitter, and is often reacted to violently. Only those that truly wish to grow to God and towards mastery and perfection can be given the honest, clear reflection of their vices in order that they may change. Otherwise, a person who loves their vice cannot be changed except through suffering the logical consequences of their vice. These instances require subtleness, gentleness, and love with only the slightest nudge past what they believe they are capable. If you cannot nudge effectively, love and understanding is enough, do no more.

So Abdrushin for Rex and Mouravieff for Diane. Good stuff, both. Rex, you should also love the Forerunner Series, it should be right up your alley. Diane, I suggest caution as you move on. I’d recommend against practice until you’re fully connected mind and soul with understanding theory, but I see you’re really getting there!