Advaitic Songs (OM)

The Band Om was formed in 2004 out of members of the band Sleep. The genre would be described as stoner rock or psychedelic rock. Their lyrics incorporate a mix of hinduistic and byzantine/christian/islamic mysticism and chants. One could call it an attempt to merge perennial philosophy with rhythmic rock music.
The character depicted on the album presented here is John the Baptist. Advaita is sanskrit and means something like non-dualistic or non-dyad.

State of Non-Return – lyrics

Traveler now reach the stream. The astral flight adapter
From the pain-sheath life ascends - the Non-returner sees
Empathy release me - and the phoenix rise triumphant
And walks onto the certitude ground - the soul’s submergence ends

From the rounds of rebirth - he arrives onto the deathless
Light bores through the adjunct worlds - the soul-galleon prevails
Liberates in wisdom to complete state of negation
The five roads subsumed by grace - emancipates from dream


Haqq al-Yaqin (arabic for ‘Truth of Certainty’) – lyrics

Blue orb on the spine’s horizon
From the mosque of the silent mind
Mendicant vows to walk the field

Guiding light of the nerves cremation
Through the port of seventh shrine
The adept integrates upon the single eye

Toward the hill of the purifier
Dross burns the offering
Soul merge with the ocean - Attains refuge

To the eighth state of absorption
By degrees of the ascent now rise
The faqir takes the narrow road

As the opal blue globe is burning
At the shore of the inward light
Life-force transits through the gate

Point centralized will emerging
On approach of the sovereign ground
From the karmic tombs awaken

Laterns of the quadrant guardians
From the triune sheaths emerge
Through innerspace accedes

And the phoenix has ascended
Gildes upon the divine wind
Liberates from the world sojourn


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I am looking forward to converse about the lyrics and music here.

Ilm al-Yaqin (Knowledge of Certainty)
Ayn al-Yaqin (Eye of Certainty)
Haqq al-Yaqin

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Love and light to all of you.

This is a very interesting band!

I would do injustice to the lyrics and music now were I to comment presently, as I’ve only just heard 2 of the tracks you’ve posted, j. I will need to spend some time on this album, giving it a few spins before I comment more.

But in the meantime, I’d like to hear your own thoughts on the lyrics, and I will reply to these once I’ve better absorbed the album.

Thanks for sharing, j!