Alchemy :)


Does anyone believe Alchemy, as in the transmutation of normal matter to gold, is possible? If so, how?

Yes, of course it is!

For this you need to be an adept in alteration magic.
But you will need a considerable amount of magicka for this, so it probably isn’t worth the effort.

Here you can read about transmutation, if you want to know more:

I hope I was of help to you!

I really don’t think that’s fair, j. w was asking a serious question about a science that has been left for dead in modern times, but has been practiced for thousands of years. We, in our ignorance, often laugh at ideas, perspectives, and knowledge of wiser men than ourselves. Issac Newton, whose scientific work is the basis for all of modern physical science, wrote far more on alchemy than on math and physics.

(Speaking of, there has been a major scholarly effort in recent years to collate and publish all of Newton’s alchemical writings. A huge task!

And he didn’t take the job of Warden of the Mint in Great Britain because he was interested in politics. But he was dealing with a lot of gold. :wink: )

Better to say you don’t know rather than scoff at something you have no experience with.

I hope to write a few words on this subject later as I find the time. It is not something I’m expert in, but I understand a few principals.

I thought this was a fun thread. The smiley did indicate this.
But there is of course truth in what i said.
And by the way, this science has not been left for dead and many people have been, and still are, working on this. With success.
There are a lot of studies on this. Here one short article. I am sure, that if wsimm101 wants to know more, he will succeed in his search for answers.

I am just not so sure, if spoonfeeding will help in the long run.

Lol j373z you really had me going for a minute there! ;D

I didn’t know Isaac newton wrote about alchemy, that is definitely worth a read! But i am genuinely convinced that it will be possible (outside of elderscrolls) as we come to understand ‘the standard model’ more, understanding sub-atomic particles and forces we may be able to manipulate the structure of the atom?

It seems highly unlikely indeed.

I am glad i made you laugh :wink:
Have fun guys, and thank you very much!
I set off then.

Stay gold

I’m glad that everything was taken in a good spirit. There is sometimes a fine line between humor and mockery in sarcasm.

This is not quite alchemy, but it is certainly going some way towards the goal of transmutation of lead into gold. But if it could ever happen on a mass scale, then surely the economic system of the world would radically change.

Alchemy, as opposed to chemistry, takes a more holistic approach which includes elements of spirituality, specifically hermeticism, but also includes philosophy, mythology, chemistry of course, using elements of technology. The etymology of the word is taken from the Arabic al-kīmiyā, which in turn was taken from the Greek chēmia, which literally means at its root the old Egyptian name for Egypt itself, kēme. ( )

I cannot say whether or not the old alchemical processes could turn lead into gold, procure the philosopher’s stone, or distill the elixir of life. I can say that I believe it is possible, however, as I have personally witnessed and taken part of other types of physical transmutations.

The language of old alchemical texts is highly obscured with symbolic coding. This was done for different reasons. In part, it was to protect themselves from heretical prosecution by the church, but it was also meant to throw off materialistic ‘get rich quick’ schemers of their own time. There have been a number of very penetrating analyses, decoding the spiritual symbolism of the old alchemists, by modern discerning minds. I would highly recommend reading the work of Carl Jung and Manley Hall on this subject. These authors show how alchemy is actually a transmutation of the self, and that following their instructions provides a quite thorough course on personal enlightenment. It is believed that once this inner transmutation is made, an outer transmutation may be effected. (As above, so below.)

But again, these systems are somewhat outmoded, and speak in an archaic model not conducive to the modern practitioner’s environment or understanding. It would take a highly specialized Seeker, putting themselves in the mindset of a medieval thinker, to be able to even come close to a successful reproduction of the older alchemists experiments. But believe it or not, there are still some very few Seekers who do just this, banging their heads against these old texts, and even building their own personalized laboratories for the process, and there have been reports of moderate successes.

In the end, we realize that All is One. Every type of energy and matter may be (and has been) transmuted into every other type. Understanding the rapid processes of this transmutation is alchemy, and is possible. (Familiarizing oneself with the science of harmonics may allow one to get a clearer picture here.) And this was the goal of the old alchemists. And just perhaps… it should be a goal of ours today as well, with some updating in theory and language…

Could it been a point of contention in the old world? If my neighbor can turn lead into gold then i am going to be in big trouble! I guess its curious to think that they might have had a CIA or an MI in the dark ages that was bound over stopping things like alchemy and turning people into frogs! Now all we do is fine people! if someone turned you into a frog you would just end up in lots of debt and get evicted so its OK now.

How about looking at that question from a spiritual perspective, and not a material one?

In any moment, there is personal choice is how to pass through it.
In every moment there is inertia to be overcome or not. Free will.

Overcoming inertia and influencing that moment for the positive seems the best and easiest way to turn personal spiritual apathy (Lead) into being personally spiritually active (Gold).

If Harmony were KEY then the ANSWER would be creating harmonious moments where the outcome of the moment is a greater positive feeling than the moment was before the inertia was overcome. You don’t have to be an expert on harmonics or wavelengths. You just need to know how you feel and how you can feel. And what to say or do to get there. Listen to your conscience.

Every moment you have the choice over how to mold or shape it into anything you want it to be. What does your conscience say?
You might not have control over all the aspects of the moment, but you do have control of your own personal inertia of the moment. Whether to do something, or sit and do nothing?
Inertia is the lead that has to be overcome = to be molded and shaped into what you want it to be, even gold.

Becoming harmonious with the moment through your own action then making it better, especially if it is to uplift another seems how you tune your instrument to the right note. Listen to the whispers of your conscience and choose to do the right thing. That is like finding the Gold.

When more people do that all the time…

ahaha, not making fun of anyone, but for me alchemy is just a long lost method of chemistry,. i cant explain how i got that conclusion, its just how my brain thinks… ;D

Alchemy is more wholeistic than chemistry. in the nineteenth century the experiments they did to further their knowledge were ground breaking, in a burrowers kind of why. Our modern “Alchemists” don’t observe nature in the same why the ancestors did. When the corpus callosum of man is splayed so righteously between the source and the lens, the imminent and the anticipated, then the connection to the infinite span of nature is lost. I take a lot from the people I meet and I suppose a wise man I met recanted to me that, necessity is the mother of all invention.

I’d love to turn stuff into gold lol.

Hi an article i read about alchemy years ago in the nexus magazine described David Hudson’s rediscovery of white gold see his sales site [] and his ORME Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Element British Patent # GB 2,219,995 A ( December 28, 1989 ) UK Class: C1A &c
International Class: C21D
Non-Metallic, Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements invented by
David Radius Hudson
Concord Research Corp., 15650 North Black Canyon Hwy., Phoenix, AZ 85023

At[] .
Which gives a very accurate method of electron balancing the precious elements into there higher dimensional states, now how you use those ORME’s is another question! Material gain, physical growth, spiritual advancement, less is more. Just be mindful of the warnings that allways accompany the “redlion”.
Have fun marcuss