An Experience in Egypt Leads to a Shift in Paradigm

Like all of you, I have been exploring the Kolbrin and the Kailedy for a number of years. I was brought up, via an Oxford education, to define my terms, establish provenance and then analyse, and so for a while that is what I tried to do. I established that the Kolbrin was brought to New Zealand in typescript form by a merchant seaman called Ray Bain, who is known to have attended gorsedds in Britain. I was unable to find out anything more about him, save that he died in the 1990s (someone called Ray Bain was registered dead in Tunbridge Wells at about that time). He left a widow, but I was told that she knew nothing about this more arcane part of his life. The typescript was put on to a computer by Laraine Coley in New Zealand. Subsequent attempts to establish the Kolbrin’s provenance led to a dead end. I was in touch with the Culdian Trust for a while and the individuals I wrote to were kindly, honest and, I felt, had nothing to hide. But it was clear the Kolbrin’s source was guarded by a body or individuals whom my contacts at the Culdian Trust didn’t know.

Leonard, I have been reading your contributions with great interest. Are you able to tell me whether any remnants of the Kolbrin exist in any form other than a typescript, perhaps in the UK?

After this dead end, I tried to put the Kolbrin out of my mind, but couldn’t. It speaks to me as no other writing has ever done. It has had an overwhelming spiritual effect on me. But that is not what I am writing about at the moment. I feel strongly that, if the Kolbrin were proved to be genuine, it would mean that humanity’s ancient history would have to be completely revised. So, having given up the provenance business, I have tried instead to establish links between text in the Kolbrin and other ancient texts/oral history – and to date I have scored several bulls-eyes. Some of you might have discovered similar links, and if so, it would be good if we could start compiling a list together.

I have been trying to get some key authors interested in the Kolbrin. Graham Hancock (FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS) happens to live just round the corner from me; he has heard of the Kolbrin and wants to read it, but when I contacted him he was just starting to write the third volume of a fiction series, so I left with him my precious New Zealand edition of the Kolbrin. That was several months ago, and Graham has not yet come back to me.

I have written to the historian David Rohl (LEGEND), since in his books he laments the fact that we have no description of the Exodus from an Ancient Egyptian point of view. No reply. Ditto Bettany Hughes, who has done a recent TV documentary about Atlantis, which is described in the Book of Manuscripts. The one other historian I can think of who might be interested is John Anthony West, so I intend to try him too.

Two and a half months ago I went on Robert Bauval’s (THE ORION MYSTERY) tour of Egypt. I took with me my Kindle with the MM Kolbrin on it, and also the MM Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook +a typed version of the NZ Foreword and Introduction, because I wanted Robert Bauval to take a look at it. (Laraine Coley has confirmed that the MM interior text is exactly the same as the NZ one – only the rather vital front matter has been changed.) Sadly, Robert refused, saying that he had been stung by hoaxes twice in his life and didn’t want the same thing to happen a third time. Nevertheless, my eight days in Egypt two months ago were extraordinary. I shall set out below just one of a number of unusual experiences I had; this one applies particularly to the Kolbrin.

When we went up into the Great Pyramid, my group (14 of us) were lucky enough to have a few minutes in the King’s Chamber by ourselves in silence. I sat with my back up against the wall and my legs stretched out in front of me. I focused on my breathing, then asked the question, ‘Where do I come from?’ Something formed in my mind: ‘The answer is in the books you have.’ I took ‘the books’ to mean the Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook – the only books I had brought to Egypt with me apart from a guidebook. I mentally rejected this answer as wishful thinking and listened for something else, but the answer came back the same: ‘The answer is in the books you have.’ Again I rejected it, but back it came – five or six times in all.

When we came out of the Pyramid, I put my shaky state down to claustrophobia. We followed Robert Bauval to some rocks nearby and he talked a bit about the Pyramids – his thoughts are always about stars and stones, since he doesn’t believe that the Pyramids were used for burial. It was difficult to concentrate because we were being hassled on all sides for baksheesh and camel rides. I noticed a tall young Egyptian man with a camel who wasn’t trying to pull the punters; he was standing listening to what Robert was saying. When Robert moved to another spot round the corner out of the sun and we followed him, the young man and his camel came too.

When everyone turned to go, the young camel-man came up to me. I braced myself for the usual hassle/baksheesh approach. But the young man looked me straight in the eye and said in clear English, ‘You have energy all round you. It is a big ball [he threw his arms wide – he was about six feet tall] and it is GOLD. You have a huge golden ball all round you.’ I looked at him dumbfounded. He went on, ‘No one else in your group has this, but you have a huge ball of gold around you. Why?’

All I could think of to reply was: ‘I have just been up into the Great Pyramid. I asked a question – and I got an answer.’ He nodded. Then I tried to find some lines of Kolbrin on my Kindle to read to him about ancient Egypt, but the wretched device wouldn’t work. So I wished him good luck, we shook hands and went our separate ways.

My recent visit to Egypt (I have been there before) with the Kolbrin in my bag has changed me. Looked at from a psychic point of view - not something I am used to doing - my experience in the Great Pyramid indicates to me that the Kolbrin is no hoax - but try telling that to a historian! This is why I am now trying to make links with other ancient texts.

However, from now on I shall not stick exclusively to the Oxford approach; I shall also let my Celtic intuition be my guide. I now feel my glass is half full rather than half empty. Above all, I feel that a guardian spirit is looking after me. I felt presences in Philae (Isis), Edfu (Horus), Karnak and my Cairo hotel while I was there. And I can’t help thinking: is it possible that I was the first person to take the remains of the Great Book of the Egyptians back to Egypt since they left the country centuries ago?

Two weeks after I came back, I was sitting on a bus going through the Wiltshire countryside, when the idea for a book – title, thesis, sources, chapters – came tumbling into my head for about an hour. It will involve using the Kolbrin as its main source and linking it with other ancient texts/oral sources – hence my asking if anyone else reading this column has been able to establish links with other texts.

So the truth against the world…

Happy New Year to you all.


Dear Yvonne, that was certainly and intriguing post and very interesting to read, in every aspect. Thank you very much for participating in our group.

Regarding the authenticity of the Kolbrin I must say that this last week me along some private individuals have conducted comparative text analyses between all the Culdian books and the matches between them result in an 80/90% similarity. It appears that this Bain individual not only wrote the Kolbrin but several other of the Culdian books as well.

What remains unclear is where Mr Bain got his knowledge from. Could it have been that he was an assiduous researcher of the esoteric? A member of a secret society of sorts? Someone who had read Velikovsky, the Bhaghavad Gita, the Barddas and the Kybalion (amongst others) and had devised a cunning fabrication? As this person is dead we may never know the truth of his intentions, and the Culdians don’t appear to be of much help either.

All in all I am left with the feeling that we’ve been deceived. Do I regret having been deceived with the Kolbrin? Not at all, I will continue loving the Kolbrin even if it is a modern fabrication based on a varied array of ancient sources. But any worthy follower of the Kolbrin philosophy will agree that the truth must be faced, however unsettling it may be.

Curiously enough I must add that whoever devised this Kolbrin philosophy/line of thinking got himself in a sort of catch 22 situation as the book seeks to form a kind of individual that would not accept the authenticity of the book on mere faith. :wink:

Someone who had read Velikovsky, the Bhaghavad Gita, the Barddas and the Kybalion ... and the Lament of Ipuwer, and James Churchward, and Ignatius Donnelly, and the Timaeus and Critias, and the Norse Sagas, and everything ever written about Jesus in Britain, and and and... I find it almost impossible to believe that someone could fake something so vast and all-encompassing.

I’ve just found something in a sentence from one of Laraine Coley’s emails: ’ The other person whom came to see me was an archeologist from the Jewish antiquities whom is greatly taken with The Kailedy. He is passionate about Jesus’s time. He was absolutely shocked to find that the tomb of Jesus described in The Kailedy matches the description of a tomb they had researched identicaly with the ledge around it inside and faceing north etc. He then rang me to say he had found the mention of Aristobulus on Page 10 quite profound as he was the first martyr and friend of Saul/Paul. I hope to keep in contact with him on this matter and shall keep in touch with you. His name is Jonathan Grey.

Yvonne, Laraine has told me of your correspondence with her. With you being a serious scholar, I very much understand how unique you find the Kolbrin to be, and how you have researched its provenance while finding that such research has been an exciting yet frustrating task. Laraine is our resident Kolbrin expert, and has traveled to Britain a few times searching for clues and source documents. You, living in Britain, and being a scholar, are in a much more enviable position than the rest of us in this group, or the Culdians in New Zealand, for accomplishing this task.

Thank you for sharing your spiritual experience that occurred in Egypt with us. It is not “scholarly”, and may get you laughed at by a few who cannot see past their own noses’, so I really must applaud your bravery for sharing that here. The message you received in the King’s Chamber is also the correct answer, as I have already alluded to on this group. But that answer, alas, can only end up being a personal verification that you will be unable to use in any dissertation you choose to write. However, should you find the key for this personal verification within yourself, the doors for historical and scholarly evidence will be opened for you to proceed along this line.

“Are you able to tell me whether any remnants of the Kolbrin exist in any form other than a typescript, perhaps in the UK?”

I can give you a couple clues… Focus a bit more of your historical research in Wales. You will need a male counterpart who is also a Mason to access some of the Masonic libraries, both in Wales and in the rest of the UK. For other historical verification, I would also recommend collaboration with experts in some of the old Brythonic and Old English languages. There are scores and scores of very old texts in the UK that have never been translated that hold some answers. Also, both for you and lay researchers, a book to read with a couple historical clues is “Celt, Druid and Culdee” by Isabel Hill Elder.

Manuel might be near making up his mind that the Kolbrin is a modern forgery, so I’m not sure how willing he is to continue his search along the line of historical provenance. But, both Manuel and others have made long lists of historical and archeological connections that go a long way into proving that the Kolbrin is not a mere hoax. My hope is that Manuel and others will compile all their findings and that you, Yvonne, will list yours, and we will have a space shortly to compile this list that can be added to over time. There are also other serious academic scholars and researchers we have worked with that may in time choose to share some most interesting findings publically, but they rightfully fear attacks coming from some high horsed academics and other related bile of the type recently witnessed on this group. All too often, this is the type of thing that prevents and impedes all endeavors to human advancement whether they be spiritual, scientific, social, political, or economic.

Yvonne, I love your list! Manuel has just updated his list which you can view in the file section of this page. There has also been numerous other archeological, textual, and historical findings with further corroboration scattered willy-nilly throughout the history of this group page, as well as other findings people have posted across the web.

When I find the time, I shall gather these items together for our mutual efforts and benefit, unless someone beats me to it…I hope more people here are as enthusiastic about your efforts as I am!

Probably the most important clue I failed to mention was something contained in your findings on Ray Bain. Modern gorsedds in Britain extend much further back than the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. Most of these folks are well meaning people that are only searching to reconnect to their heritage, and others are modestly attempting coffee table magick, but underneath, there are undercurrents of people, forces, and events occurring much more deep and in the know.

There are still very old oral traditions existing in Britain, that you will hear whispers of at certain gorsedds. But you will be unable to follow them up unless you pass certain tests…I should watch how I phrase that, others here might be coming with their darts (or spears) again…some people here just can’t stand if others mix metaphysical science with physical science. I’m sorry if that kind of thing enrages people, or if they don’t realize that the two sciences are actually connected, but it honestly can’t be helped in the subject of study this group is focused on.

The above lead is your strongest lead, Yvonne, but it is also the most restrictive when disclosing from a scholarly perspective. Something to consider…

A couple of years ago I got in touch with the two main administrative gorsedd societies for England and for Wales. Neither of them has heard of a Ray Bains. The Welsh gorsedd asked me if Ray Bains spoke Welsh, but that was something I didn’t know.

I’m not a scholar. I mentioned an Oxford education solely to point out that it has its limitations. In my time I’ve been at art school, a journalist, writer, film critic and, for many many years an editor in a London publishing house. My entire department was made redundant seven months ago, so I’m now at home in Bath in the west of England trying to find freelance work. I live twenty miles from Stonehenge, 25 miles from Glastonbury, and ten minutes from Bath’s hot springs – the only hot springs in the UK.

Bath was founded in ancient times by King Bladud. You’ll find him mentioned at the beginning of the Celtic books of the Kolbrin among the list of kings. He lost his kingship because he developed leprosy. He lived in the West Country working as a swine-herd, and noticed that when his pigs, also afflicted with a skin complaint, wallowed in the warm mud of the River Avon, it improved their skin condition, so he did the same himself – and was cured. He became king again, travelled to Athens to study, lived in London, and died trying to fly (an early aeronautics pioneer, perhaps).

Could I ask where each of you is based, geographically speaking? Despite the efforts of Thomas Paine and my own country’s stern attempt to remove the Shires from postal addresses in the UK, it helps me to know where people are. I can tell that you’re not in my time zone since you regroup for battle at a different hour from moi.

You’ve described your hometown in such a poetic, historical manner I shall not even attempt to match such a description with mine. My home base is just outside Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I keep odd hours due to work and home time, and work takes me all over the US. Like you, I’m looking to make a break into freelancing work…

And although it makes me no money, my real passion and work is devoted to some of the issues we are discussing…

Yvonne, I am a writer/producer/editor in Los Angeles, CA... I am currently working at a start up network called FEARnet... I don't know why my path has lead to horror but I'm thankful it keeps my family well.

I was raised southern baptist where we learned all religions were not as good… and all worldly things are from the devil… I escaped the brainwashing and checked into the hotel california, opened myself to different esoteric thought, and have never left… the eagles were right.