An Increasingly Depraved World for Youth

We need to remain strong within ourselves because we live in an increasingly mad world. Knowledge is power. If we nurture our inner selves we can go through almost anything. I unfortunately see a lot of our youth nowadays very empty within and becoming the vehicle of evil influences. In the book of morals and precepts the Kolbrin says that a child must be taught the words of wisdom and how to fend for themselves from early on so they can grow like an upright tree and not be cut down and burned. The internet is too powerful of a tool to be in the hands of those who still have no defined inner selves and developed consciences. For those who have children or teenagers I strongly recommend not to allow them to go online unsupervised.

I write this after watching a video of a young girl who killed herself for being bullied online. I feel a lot of frustration seeing how this is becoming such a common trend and how we seem to be unable to do anything about it because of the widespread ignorance that has taken over our societies. Feel free to share your opinions.

Well said Manuel

I have two teenage boys, regarding there internet use, its a balancing act for me, my eldest has a face book page 15, 16 this year. He created it without our knowledge, it wasn’t until i checked our internet security that i notice someone logging in to facebook with an unknown account.

So i informed my partner and we sat down with him to talk about it. He admitted it, and we talked to him about responsible internet use, and let him maintain his account, with the knowledge that it will be monitored.

As much as i would love to have keeped him off, the balancing act for me was the level of responsibility given, with the hope that he makes the right choices in how he uses the net.

Personally i think it comes down to parents, who should lead by example, its a bit hard to tell your teenager to lay off the net, when they see mum and dad on it 247.

Like a tool its also in the way we use it, and can be used for good or bad, we can choose to use it positively and set the example as such, not only in what we transmit, but also in what we receive.

I love what the book of morals and precepts says about family relationships, inspiring to read.

Part of the emptiness we can blame in a sense upon ourselves - as to the extent the school system projects material ever uncompromisingly into our children's faces. The material I have in mind as to this example of roughshod behavior is the 'Common Core' programming that they are introducing into American schools at this date in time. I was shocked to see what 15 and 16 year old's were expected to read in some classes. Material dealing with soft porn - or even directly pornographic material. Meant in my opinion for those of college age or older past 21 would be my bet... although the language used in the conversations shown in the example I saw earlier in September - was not as troubling as the explicitly disrespectful sexual references. People today use the 'f-word' like the word damn was used in past generations, to the point where damn had lost all of it's horrific potential as so shown when Clark Gable uttered it in "Gone With the Wind' ... We have all seen the chart meme, as to the uses of the 'f- word' as a noun, verb, adjective, etc., it can be quite true in that sense ... that is no longer as shocking even as it was once as well. I guess I am angered more by the physical aspects and the shallow treatment of women and men - youths and girls, in the examples in the Common Core text, and class assignment suggestions. They do not give these youths a chance to realize that the readings as made up 'fiction' is not how the world really is,-- (except in some families - as to which it may indeed be considered not far from the mark)! Some immature readers will not be able to grasp the scenarios and it may give them an inappropriate 'window' as to how to view their peers and older persons in many unwarranted contexts. Our teachers, by supporting this 'new' curriculum change -- have done the students a grave disservice by the promotion of this material and understandably parents are angry about this! One man as shown on a You Tube video - was arrested and later charges were dropped as to the arrest concerning his vociferous disapproval of the Common Core program in his area at a meeting. So in review, it is NO wonder the students are confused: when given what will make them indeed prone to eventual 'empty feelings' as mentioned by Heremaia on the comment above, where he explained the 'pros and cons' of internet and the responsibility in proper usage by all.
awesome post Katsi! Well said and I agree.
sorry it was a bit long ... I do ramble at times, I hope I connected my intentions ok ....
it was awesome, not rambling at all. thanks for sharing your thoughts. good to not feel so alone with my own.
I - in thinking about the Common Core garbage- and if you have seen various posts on this, with the requisite examples, it is very troubling. I come from the school of thought where many books that are considered 'banned' from my era did not contain a whit of anything like this. Books such as 1984, The Catcher in the Rye, Black Boy, Huckleberry Finn, Animal Farm, and a HOST of others had merit, very thoughtful in most cases, and had something to say that could be learned in a positive way. It was nothing that was so considered prurient in any sense of the word. One had to search far and wide when one was older to see such texts that they are pushing now. Even Nabokov's "Lolita" I hope I have the author's name ok. there was not an option in my day unless you were an adult as to school fare in literature courses ... How things have changed. I remember hearing that the novel 'Forever Amber' was banned and considered objectionable, when it is probably on the level of a Danielle Steele novel ... Oh well that was then - this is now ...
I believe Len may share his take on this subject. Should be good.
I am sure it will be ... I don't consider myself a prudish individual, but there is a time and a place for everything and sadly in 9-10th grade - this is not the place ...
And what about the music industry targeting kids with those hideous subliminal messages. That's even worse than the school indoctrination. It's as if they're intentionally striving for kids to grow up depraved.
check this out - just showed up on my newsfeed:


If you can all make sense of this you get a medal…

So glad the kolbrin is out and about, much needed in these times.

Weather we like it all not, the negative is always going to be there, in the music, in the movies, people vocabulary, story’s, plays, etc. Its built into us, naturally, the only difference is how we choose to view it, and how we let it affect us.

In this day and age, where the shocking is becoming the norm, it takes a special type of processing for the mind to protect against. And i believe it is just a mind set/ or a awareness that will solve the problem for society on the whole, a raising of awareness on the collective, i guess that is a positive for the net, in that we can communicate almost instantly to other people(consciousness), via social media.

ignorance and awareness the light and the darkness, each support each other, each serves a purpose.

It makes me laugh when people point out an ignorance and let out a cry of distaste, while other ignorance is accepted and ignored.(no pun intended towards anyone) I have to point out myself included.

Ignorance has different levels the path of awareness is a continuous process.

The book of gwineva 1 & 2 hits the nail on the head, regarding a lot of the causes of today’s problems.

A lot of the mainstream music of today reminds me of this kolbrin quote.

The matron of the coming days will bear strange children, aliens blind to the light of beauty and nobility. The chants of weird forms of worship will be heard and meaningless hymns will echo through the land. The devotional places will be wreathed in agnosia and the purity of white enlightenment will be exchanged for the drab of ignorance. Men will cease to seek their soulspirit sustenance in the light and will feed on agnosia. Unknowingly, darkness will be preferred to the light. The theme of life will be death, and death will even be idolised in the form of a man.

Chapter eleven, The Vision Of Evening, The Book of Lucius, Kolbrin.

Seems like the homage to strange gods have been stepped into overdrive via media , the attraction is to the the uncontrolled ego, and it is the uncontrolled ego that wants to pay homage. like a false image, the rewards are also false, satisfaction not guaranteed.

The identification of such thinking could be just the result of rising awareness, where once was darkness is now light.

Hence its always been there, subconsciously, good and bad, light and dark, perception is key.

Its just the way in which we choose to view it, every negative has an opposite a positive. Its just a matter of looking for the light in the darkness, if anything the darkness serves in highlighting the light.

I really think we are standing on the pinnacle, the next level of awareness on the collective, for the positive.

The darkness and negative of the world only serves to highlight this, thus by observing the principle of cause and effect, the greater the negative, the greater the positive is in effect, even thou the manifestation of such may go unseen, it is because generally the effects happens on a other level, everything is a double edged sword, yin/yang/tau, 3d, the 3rd level could be viewed as the hand that wields it(mind), the pinnacle between heaven and earth, flesh and spirit, the conscience and subconscious.

This is such a important and comprehensive matter. So much could be said, so forgive the lack of detail for the sake of brevity and generalities. All of these themes discussed below deserve subject space of their own, and it is my hope that parents and other concerned citizens join us on the forums to discuss these things, and continue on in their own communities forming parental support groups with information learned. ( ) And in the future we hope to provide material assisting both parents and children in their shared and mutual development.

It really is all about the parenting, first and foremost. Love, discipline, guidance, trust, respect, instilled ethics, promotion of their own unique creativity, TIME etc. are the essential balance of requirements to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. And the parent must be themselves the ideal person they wish their children to be. If you fight with your spouse, for example, how can you tell your child not to fight with other children? Every emotion, action, attitude, and even thought can be impressed upon a young mind. The consequences of which, for good or ill, are imprinted upon the subconscious lasting years or a lifetime. A casual phrase uttered soon forgotten by you, can be a lynchpin of childhood memory and later motivational factor for good or ill.

Each and every child is different, and it is of the utmost importance to raise each one according to their needs. One might need spanking occasionally, while another requires only a disappointed look, or a timeout. One might need to be taught respect, and another charity, and so on… In the later preteen, and especially teenage years, TRUST between parent and child is an essential component. If you don’t want your child lying or hiding things from you, you musn’t lie or hide things from your children. This hypocritical factor, which also contains the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality, simply does not compute in a young, open, and inquisitive mind. Distrust is bred, and imbalance and family dysfunction compounds. None of this is easy, of course, and I can only speak to generalities in this type of setting; all individuals and challenges require specific solutions.

But none of this is possible without time and attention in a healthy home. Of course, the traditional setting of the natural biological mother and father in the home is ideal. Marital problems result in child raising problems, and generally speaking, the happier and healthier the marriage, the happier and healthier the children. Never have children in a dysfunctional relationship thinking this will solve relationship issues; invariably it compounds them, and punishes an innocent child by bringing them into an unhealthy environment. And what could be more selfish than bringing a helpless, innocent, and completely dependent baby into this world to solve YOUR problems?!?!

As far as the school issues go with programs like Common Core… it is wise to educate yourself on the local school’s curriculum, as well as HOW the child is being taught. Is the child being taught WHAT to think (and thus potentially opposing home and traditional values), or is your child being taught HOW to think in an encouraging and healthy setting with the tools required to thrive in society? If it is the former, I would consider private school options, and even home schooling. Again, this requires time and sacrifice, but this should be a given, as what more important uses of your time and money are there besides children and family in general? If you really care about changing the world, you yourself becoming the best spouse, parent, and neighbor is the most surefire way to contribute to this end that has a chance of working in the long run. It is slow and difficult, but balance, happiness and health, just like imbalance and disease, are infectious. This is your legacy of what you leave to the world through a better future generation, and a better present one as those in your own communities look to you as an example and leader for how to improve their own lives.

Again, much more can be said on this subject specifically, and this just deals with generalities. Hopefully those of you who are parents will look to work together and support one another both on the forums and in your hometowns.

For truly excellent instruction on these and related issues, all of our Channeled Works (Gwineva I & II, Rowena, and Celestina) are must reads!