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We’d like to warmly welcome those of you who have recently registered, and hope that your experience on the website and forums have been educational and uplifting. There has been a lot of press and study of the Kolbrin recently, which have brought many new members here, and we’d like to welcome you to discuss your thoughts on the Kolbrin as well as other Teachings and various subjects on our forums. And for more personal inquiries, feel free to write to us privately at

Periodically we rotate a sampling of our written Teachings shared freely on the website, and we inform our members, through emails like this when we do.

For new members, we recommend reading An Introduction to Spirituality, which is always shared freely on the website to help Seekers clarify the path they are searching for; laying beyond and at the heart of the founding of all Religion. Those of you disillusioned with deadened ritual backed by dogma whose meaning has been long forgotten are ready to tap into and drink in the source of what founded these ancient edifices. This source is not simply what solidified into religion, but is the source of all life and meaning itself. It is the source of each of us, the world itself, and where we come from. It is Spirituality. Seekers requiring deeper answers need at least a basic introduction into what this means, and this booklet attempts to provide such. Feel free to read directly from the website or download it free from our Store.

Those of you questioning who we are should read the various sections in the About section (start with the About link, and hover your cursor over that tab for a list of different sections here), or may alternately download the Introduction to the Culdians booklet in the Store, also offered free of charge. This may help some of you understand our values, goals, and history. And if there’s any confusion on any of those points, feel free to email us at or post your questions and comments on the forums.

Periodically we rotate a sampling of our Teachings, and now is time for such a rotation. Everything from last time will be coming down.

First on the list of items to be shared are two books from the Kolbrin, which tie in to the historical discussion that has brought many of our newer members here, The Book of the Sons of Fire and The Book of Manuscripts. Both of these books detail the perspective of a certain group of people, at a certain time in history in which are emphasized what they considered most important to preserve; specifically, spiritual and life lessons gained through much adversity and hardship. These books contain personal history and laws under the wider banner of spiritual advancement.

These Lessons passed down to us are our lineage and birthright, given to us so that we may stand on the shoulders of giants, and perhaps reach even closer to the stars than they, without having to suffer the same hardships, should we choose to integrate what they have shared.

Both of these books are available to all members and visitors of the website.

Next up on the free rotational release, we have for you the second in the series of Channeled Works, Teachings of Celestina, available for logged in members to read free on our website. Timing of this book’s free release is fortuitous, as its subject matter is aligned closely with Psychology of Group Leadership , The Problem of Relationships, and Introduction to Spirituality; all of which were just recently part of a rotational release. For those wishing to go back to study these other booklets and their themes in more depth, they may be found in our Store.

From the back cover of the hard copy of Teachings of Celestina:

"This book gives a new perspective and clear insight into controversial issues of our times. It will answer many questions and provide guidelines for a fuller and happier life.

Insofar as it deals specifically with matters concerning the welfare and advancement of humankind, this book is of value to everyone."

Celestina, once a teacher of children, deals with matters of existence on Earth as well as Astral and Spiritual planes, and teaches extensively on what is required for us now on Earth to accomplish for the best possible future; what may be called the Celestial Age.

Thus is the name chosen for herself, Celestina, most appropriate for this specific set of Teachings. May they come to fruition in your life and throughout the world!

Last but not least, we are sharing something a little different with you this month. Most of our public Teachings have practical, down to Earth language which can be put into practice by anyone with the inclination and will to put them into effect. The Leylines of Life, this month’s free booklet, contains knowledge and information that is not widely known or utilized. It is an introduction into the metaphysical nature of leylines, biophysical energy, and celestial energy and how these processes correspond with our life on this planet. As you will see, this has far reaching implications to every aspect of life on Earth. This is not meant to be a full treatment on the subject, but merely a primer, an introduction for a specific type of person that is able and ready to work with some of these energies among a larger Network of people in the Service of Good.

From the Foreword of The Leylines of Life:

"The Trustees (of the Culdian Trust) are particularly concerned about the deteriorating world situation, about chemical contamination of the soil and general planetary pollution. However, they see hope for humankind in the gathering forces of spiritual energies and this publication shows that we are already locked in the final battle of this age for the spirits of men and women. We live in the dying days of one age and approach the dawn of another. This book clarifies the issues being determined.

The Trustees also wish to promote the concept of a beneficial leyline complex which, when the associated ancient lore is resurrected, can play a significant part in humankind’s future. Although our present knowledge is meager, nevertheless it is sufficient to indicate how the leylines operated in megalithic times, when humans were much more intimately related to their environment, and their lives in the whole of Nature and creation were closely interlocked into one great coherent and cooperating whole. It is hoped that some who read this will experience a stirring of ancient recollections, a feeling of affinity with what is being said, and awakening of far memory. This has happened and therefore can happen again, and when it does it should not be ignored or suppressed. It is intended to be a call to action, and inducement to do something to help reactivate the old power structure and reproduce the energy fields of the past.

There is no value here for people who are content to remain part of the apathetic mass of humankind. It is for those with vision and ideals, with capacity for inspiration, who are concerned for the well-being and future of our planetary home, those who believe in the validity of romantic love and the inherent goodness of the human individual; who have faith in their fellow beings and in the destiny of mankind. It is for those who intuitively realize that they are here on Earth for a purpose, who seek clarification of that purpose and aspire to its fulfillment.

In other words, this publication is not for the average person."

It is highly recommended that if you feel personally called to partake in the Work that this Booklet discusses, that you connect locally to groups in your area with similar concern and understanding, or that you network with others on and through the Culdian Forums.

The Leylines of Life is offered free for all logged in members of the Website.

Until our next rotation…