Are Soulmates Really Necessary?

Yes, I understand this, which is why I used the term 'dimensional frequency'. While Earth and Venus, for example, have different planetary frequencies, each exists in the same dimensional frequency spectrum band; namely, the material (stated thus for simplicities sake). As you are aware, we are awash in a multitude of different frequencies... but let's not yet go too far down this rabbit hole, and save it for another day in order to avoid confusion for some of the readers here. This one needs to be taken slow...

Sorry Len, thought that was implied within the answer. Obviously not.

No problem. What might have been clearly implied to me may not have been to other readers, which was the perspective I was considering. Clarification in these cases is usually beneficial for all.

I so need my soul mate with me now, I believe I know who she is, she is a very old and close friend.
Patience is not something I have ever had much of.
My life has been a wreck for a while now, but I am coming out of the darkness, into the light, inner light.
I am so wanting to be loved, so wanting a loyal kind partner, who is on the same path as I. so we can find our purpose, and fulfil it together, my ying for her yang , together climbing, learning, being and doing, growing and loving.
Oh desperate heart, betray me not with thy impatient beating on the door of destiny. Be patient my soul, wait, be still, and trust.