"as you believe so it shall be"... True or false?

I cannot see the future so each moment contains a destiny of it’s own. In that light, one moment leading to the next I pray for wisdom to choose a path that fulfills my thread in the tapestry of life in this age on earth. I hope what I believe influences reality, (not just my reality, but a wider shared vision). Somewhere I read “as you believe so it shall be”. Can anyone offer a more educated perspective on this? I wonder if humanity awakened one day aware of our shared heritage (or opportunity) to accept that we are part of a greater spiritual whole… if that were so would the future not become ours in some way to more consciously create? I know so little. I hope for so much.

Belief certainly does influence reality, but I would say there are caveats to this statement. A person can believe with all their heart that they will fly when they jump off the building, but this will not make it a reality. There are physical and metaphysical laws that must be conformed to before influencing, manipulating, or creating different realities. Of course, this implies knowledge of these laws, and understanding how what you wish to create or influence can be woven into the tapestry of life.

Now, depending upon the complexity or difficulty of what is to be created or influenced, two requirements (at the very least) are essential for success, to greater or lesser degrees; desire (need) and visualization. That which is to be influenced requires a change from its current state, and its current state may be assumed (to keep it simple in this case) to be in a state of inertia. This inertia contains its own measure of power put in place from a previous cause. One’s desire, or intensity of need, must be greater than your subject’s measure of inertia, which, lucky for you, contains less power than the causal event that originally put in place your subject’s current course.

The second requirement is visualization. What exactly are you trying to create or influence? For the best results, even often for success at all, you must be as fully aware of all the particulars of the current reality you wish to influence as you can be. Then, you also must fully understand and be aware of all the particulars (including the process of change itself) of your end goal, as well as how this goal will affect anything else it may influence as a side effect. All these things should be seen and understood to the best of one’s ability; not only seen, but seen perfectly in all detail to the exclusion of any other distraction. The various practices of meditation and ritual perfect these abilities in a person like nothing else. Without these practices strengthening your mental and spiritual muscles, more difficult or complex tasks have a much greater likelihood of failure, as one is less able to see clearly or focus as intently on what is desired.

The above describes, in very basic terms, how belief influences reality. Metaphysicians have understood for time immemorial these processes and how they may be used. It is only recently that modern science (see this thread: http://culdiantrust.org/culdianforums/index.php?topic=94.0 has barely begun to understand and accept what has been a much more ancient internal science, whose manifestations have demonstratable effects on physical reality, but whose power and range of influence extends, more importantly, beyond this plane as well as within the practitioner’s soul.

(In the case of the quantum theory demonstration above, it is shown that even the tiny amount of energy expanded in observation can influence reality. Imagine what is possible with the full force and mastery of a fully trained practitioner… or better yet, Circle of practitioners!!! :wink: )

And much more could be detailed on the basics I have outlined above, and surely will as time passes as there is need. It is a full science in itself, on which I have but barely scratched the surface here. But more than just a general, external science; it is the science of your very soul, its full potential, and your relation of your Soulspirit to all of Creation and its Source!

You inspire my intentions to learn. The next thing I find is this… with a reference to leylines and the unseen. Knowledge that is hidden.

the reference is at 17:00

Mysterious Stone Chambers & Giants Discovered in New England- Jim Vieira

And I keep looking for truth and find some hope and greater sorrow…
take a look at the list of cases and at the activity thus far. Is there hope? If one lives.


I learn, I share. I contemplate. Guidance? Keep doing what I am doing? Is there more I can do? I hear so often “humanity is asleep, it is too late for most”. I don’t want to believe that. I want to put my shoulder to the wheel, but where? That is the mind of a fool who knows nothing other than as a child.

You raise many different subjects and questions of interest, Tim. I’d prefer not to deal with them hastily and think that each question or topic of interest should be given its own thread in the appropriate subject sub-forum. My suggestion would be to take each of these topics, one by one, and start a new thread with each of them in their appropriate places, with you giving your thoughts on them as well.

Shalom Len and Tim,
A very interesting subject this is, and if I might make an observation of my own, which may well have been alluded too before.
One may have the strong intention, believe with perfect intent that the influence one is attempting to exert is for “the good”, and have even the spiritual power to bring about the outcome one is visualising. But alas, there is a greater plan, and one must be careful, not find oneself going against the flow of the fate/destiny momentum of Supreme Spirit, and the general plan for mankind.
Whatever that might be.
Sometimes, even what may seem the correct, right, and good course to oneself, may not be what is needed, or what is really, for the “greater good”, and growth of mankind as a whole.
I know that even in the microcosm of my own life, many times, what seemed like a negative reality at the time, turned out to be for the good, in the end. Yet at the time, I though my world was ending, as it were, and I tried all to resist, prayer, fasting, begging G-d, to no avail. Only to feel stupid in the end, when the good outcome eventuated , for my own self willed blindness, and lack of insight or “flow sense”.
Swim with the current, and not drown, bend with the wind, and not snap.
Be awake, and not asleep.

I very much agree with this sentiment. However, there are times when one must swim against the current or be swept along with the morass of apathy and mediocrity. I think that developing a calm, unemotional sense of what is appropriate within and without is something difficult to develop and recognize, but is ultimately necessary in acting on what is for the best of all concerned.

Here is an exercise for you, Sha’ul. In another thread, you say that World War II was unequivocally a fight between good and evil. However, what if destiny decreed that a couple pivotal mistakes the axis powers made never happened. Say, if Hitler never betrayed Stalin, and if the Japanese never attacked Pearl Harbor… I can imagine the world looking very different right now. If destiny did decree a fascist (socialist) and imperial world… with the elimination of Jews and Blacks, could this action then be for the greater good…? Or, part of the ultimate plan of God?

I will remind you that there have been genocides and totalitarian regimes as bad or worse than the one just portrayed, in the long history of humanity… have these been part of the greater plan? And if so, should we then give in to it?

Not easy questions, these, but important to really consider nonetheless…

From what I have come to understand at this point, what a person believes is irrelevant to the Law. Believe what you will but it wont change the Truth. But in terms of "believe you're a failure then you are a failure", or "Believe you are going to succeed and you will succeed", then yes. :)

Agreed, the effects of belief, are limited to the effects it has on ones own personality, and experiential reality. Belief, even “perfect faith” if such a thing is possible in this realm, will not put out the fire, stem the tide, or stop the slaughter.
Action, not belief, is the vehicle that “faith”, or “Belief”, uses to become real, and to have an affect on realty.
Hence, you can fast, and pray for guidance with all your heart and soul, but if you don’t willingly take the action of opening ones eyes, or paying heed to the obvious, Ones prayers will remain seemingly unanswered.
Belief and “faith " are not the same thing. I love the definition from the New Testament book of Hebrews, Ch11 v 1 " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.
Maybe it would have been better if the word was Belief, instead of faith. One can only “have faith”, is one has reason to believe, and therefore trust, what one has learned, or can form an inner conviction, in some hope or future certainty. And then it isn’t really "faith " anymore, as people mean it generally, but knowledge.
Delusion, is believing without evidence, or ignoring wilfully , the evidence that does exist, and choosing to believe something that to all who are enlightened, is a falsehood.

A much as I want to believe this is true...I will have to say no. Thought about this probably more than I should have. I'm one of those people you do not want to bring to a party. ;)
Well depends which kind of party, a philosopher's party would suit you well ;)

Please explain, Diane. Are you saying no to Chris, no to the title of the thread, no to experiments in quantum science ( http://culdiantrust.org/culdianforums/index.php?topic=94.0 ), or no to the double and triple blind studies confirming effects of water crystal formation from human intention and emotion ( http://deanradin.blogspot.com/.../water-crystal… and http://www.deanradin.com/papers/emotoIIproof.pdf ) ?

Please elaborate what exactly you’re saying ‘no’ to Diane, and why…

aw come on now don't go all quantum science on me I'll just get all confused. :-\

I was answering “as you believe so it will be”. …True or False? We’re given only 2 options True of False. In that case I would have to answer false. Belief and wishful thinking are not enough to change reality or the infinite number of outcomes in any situation. You can wish something to be true, or believe it’s going to come true, till you’re blue in the face, and it doesn’t make it become reality. Here you do need an axe to chop down an apple tree. Can’t wish it to turn into firewood. You have to get off your bumper and cut down the tree, split it etc.

Now maybe you’re talking about a skilled operator who would be an active observer, (not just observing and wishing, but one who would be able to do, and understands how one can exercise their freewill, and decision making intelligence to make essential changes), rather than a passive observer. Maybe you’re even thinking of an active observer who has obtained a certain level of illumination from a great deal of hard work on oneself who is able to alter their reality? Is that the real question? Don’t know, but If so, then I would say yes within the laws of earth. But to do it in a big way rather than just on yourself, (and immediate surroundings), you would probably need a great many skilled active observers working together.

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Perhaps ‘belief’ is too vague or general a word. Nevertheless, even the simple belief of an unskilled observer establishes a foundation of desired transformation within and without. It allows possibility and probability to coalesce in one’s environment. This includes not only the obvious positive attitude necessary for successful physical action, but this simple, untrained belief actually affects external properties via ‘energetic’ frequencies onto sub-molecular matter; thereby ‘charging’ and ‘bending’ the properties of all things (including living things) to one’s belief, desire, will, etc.

This ability and these effects are manifest within ALL humans, as is demonstrated by the particular formation of water crystals by unskilled operators linked to above, and other studies demonstrating similar effects. The difference in the skilled operator is only a matter of degree, like the difference of an athlete who easily does 100 push-ups compared to an average, un-exercised person who can barely do 5, or even 1. That ability, and it’s potential for improvement is always there, however.

It is simply a matter of degree.

Perhaps “as I believe” is too vague and “so it shall be” too definite.
Let this be about influence, not control.
Change is millions of small intentional acts, not often a single powerful action.
Conditioning says:
You can not change things, you are weak, go with the flow, don’t make trouble. What can one do?
I was deceived for a long time.
Consciousness preceded reality.
God Spoke and creation followed.
If a driver cuts me off I can believe…“what an Ass H… tried to kill me”. Or maybe " he must be on the way to save his child’s life".
Does what I believe affect how I feel or things outside of me?
I don’t mean to be delusional in the face of facts.
I live in a world of deception, Everything I thought was true was mostly lies. I hope to see more clearly.
Does the giant effort to create fear in mainstream consciousness feed negative energy? Is that someone’s plan?

If so, can I help with positive energy?
There is something to do…it is to be kind. To carry integrity without greed or jealously and to listen, and talk. One voice, talking to one person makes a difference. Ending a conversation with an offer, “call me to help any time, anywhere.” It surprises people, they find it unbelievable, we are that far gone.
I know nothing.
But I feel.
And my heart says it matters, to listen, to help, to be true.
It matters what one believes.

Good on you Tim, you stay true brother.

The short answer to all these is… “yes”.

It sounds to me, Tim, that you are trying to do your best to be as aware as possible and make the world a better place in your own sphere of influence. For this I commend you, and I hope your example inspires others reading this to do the same within themselves and their own communities. The details of which I hope you, I, and others can discuss here and support one another in our separate but joint endeavors to make our world more aware and kind.

You are, at the risk of sounding ‘new age’, truly a lightworker. Remember that you are not alone in this Work, and the folks here are your brothers and sisters in the Work, your network. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kindness. Enhancement of ability to the limit of possibility is a path of joy. In this arena my heart says a guide must show the pitfalls that mislead and obscure the way. Sun Tzu teaches the folly of ignorance. Time is an illusion but patience is hounded by a feeling of urgency. I read and think but perhaps only the heart can see this door. Practice and train, again and again until it is as breathing. That is a beginning. I claim only my heart and will to learn and be useful.

Guides can be helpful for sure, but ultimately only up until the point where you are able to walk without a crutch, adjusted your eyes to the light, and cleared the cobwebs out of your ears. At that point, one realizes there are many paths to the top of the mountain, and the one best suited to your chosen guide may not be the best one suited to you. It is at this point one begins to journey together with companions as equals with different gifts, rather than be led.

Time is a measurement of movement of bodies in relation to one another, and therefore a reality when understood as a measurement; an illusion only when viewed as a reality in and of itself.

Bingo, and bingo! :wink:

I think as Diane_ alluded to there is a question of free-will here. If we don’t have free-will the entire issue is moot because what you believe or feel is not fully under your control in the first place. Also as timhallen mentions there is the mainstream consciousness to consider that influences our beliefs and all sorts of other restrictions. So i suppose we have to some way acknowledge we are part of a greater whole.

As for thoughts influencing crystals, at close proximity, i am fully willing to accept that. The human brain is after all an electromagnet. I think it could even extend as far as sharing thoughts but it is wild speculation and as you mentioned Len considering the quantum aspect of the mind and thought is something on a different scale. I would volunteer to put my head in the CERN collider :smiley:

I would answer tim by saying unequivocally yes. I would explain my personal belief/speculation by giving an example of an electrostatic charge, if you make physical contact with something that has a different electric charge, positive or negative, you can deposit some of your electrons and charge something or get some electrons back. I think it is helpful, for a moment at least, to think of that positive energy in the same way as an electrical charge. The method of communication and the particle in question are different however. We are talking about a particle of good or a particle of bad or perhaps a morality particle with good spin and bad spin? The same as an electron and you have a big outer shell because you have such a large nucleus and you can attract, well lets call them, moralitons and i guess it depends how many protons are in your nucleus or something but you end up with a good or bad charge. You can try and escape the morally implications by being far away from the trouble but it doesn’t matter because you emit Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays of goodness or badness. So collectively you have to ionise or deionise your self and your environment.

That’s really cool. Is that from Sun Tzu or did you say that? I think i agree but it does come to mind that there are many kinds of joy, but then again i can be a bit cynical!

You raise some interesting comparisons, Will, between karmic laws and physical laws. This may be a helpful illustration, but not entirely accurate as karma as a force is not material in nature per se.

Consider the definitions below, and then for a more complete treatment of the issue, reading The Book of Gwineva is a Must!








And please… do not ever stick your head in the CERN collider! Trust me, it wouldn’t go well! :o