Belated wishes to each of you after the holidays and New Year! A new year means a fresh beginning in a timeless cycle. This month, we have several beginnings to share with you; some new, some old, some timeless in reflection of the Cycle of Life itself.

As to Teachings, first on the agenda is The Book of Gwineva. This was the very first book to be put out by the Culdians, and it represents our group’s first experience into a much wider spiritual world. One could say Gwineva herself, being our first contact with a much more developed otherworldly being, is the unofficial patron of the Culdian Trust, and her communications in this book represent much of the core foundation of our movement and organization. More than this, however, her Teachings alone are enough to cover the depth and breadth for any individual, family, or new group wishing to lay a foundation for greater ethical and spiritual practice.

This is an important point. One must have a solid and worthwhile foundation to build any meaningful structure, and there are few that can equal the Teachings of Gwineva in the realm of Spirituality.

The Book of Gwineva is presently being offered free to read for all logged in website members, and Parts I & II are available for anyone visiting the site.

Next in the theme of beginnings is the Book of Creation in the Kolbrin. This is the Kolbrin’s first book, and explores our very ancient cultural and spiritual legacy. The Book of Creation is currently freely available to website members and visitors.

Life & Death is a booklet we publish that broadly covers the meaning of life and spiritual realities in this realm and beyond. This is a subject of many beginnings, as the entire cycle of life is considered. This booklet is presented for those contemplating deeper understanding of experiential reality and metaphysical mechanics. Life & Death is presently freely available for all logged in website members.

Last, but not least, is an odd booklet out of the ‘beginnings’ theme. A Culdian’s Thoughts on the Bible is a short booklet considering the Judeo-Christian Bible from a fresh, alternative perspective. The Bible is a central part of Western cultural heritage, and as such, should be thought about objectively with the wisdom it offers without dogmatic and off-putting ‘official’ interpretations. A Culdian’s Thoughts on the Bible is currently freely available to all website members and visitors.

We would also like to mention the recent opening of a spiritual and healing based shop in Rotorua, New Zealand that is co-owned by a fellow Culdian, Lance Isaacs. The shop is called ‘Simply Holistic’, and offers books, crystals, candles (potentized and otherwise), personal healings, readings, group meditations, classes, and lectures.

If you are looking for people of a like mind with years of experience in this type of material to learn and share with in a safe and caring environment, Simply Holistic can offer the type of face to face, group learning that cannot be substituted.

Simply Holistic is also now a third party distributor of Culdian material including physical copies of the Channeled Works (Gwineva I & II, Celestina, and Rowena), The Kolbrin and Kailedy, and Culdian made, potentized candles created using a specialized Culdian ritual meant to aid its users in various types of meditations, rituals, and other specific types of metaphysical workings.

We hope the ‘beginnings’ of Simply Holistic will be beneficial and fulfilling for all involved.

To learn more, visit or their Facebook Page. For further inquiries, please contact

Thank you for reading, and may you each find peace and wisdom in the God you your Hearts.

(The Kailedy, The book of Wisdom, Rowena, and Reincarnation have all been taken down as free reading, but as always, are available for purchase in our Store.)

Many thanks for that introduction Len. My sister, Tania (co-owner), and I really appreciate that.

We do carry most of the Culdian literature and all the potentised candles, however, due to the high cost of postage from New Zealand, the overall cost of books (in particular) is quite high - for example, to buy The Kolbrin the cost is NZD$95.00 and then postage to, for example the USA, Canada or the UK, is NZD$40.00 on top of that, making a total cost of NZD$135.00 per book. I have suggested to enquirers they download the electronic version via this website, and I presume most (if not all) have done so. The cost is much less than we can provide for people, and once our webmaster has worked out the PayPal requirements for the site (not sure what is taking so long here), then we can start processing international orders via the shop should people still wish to purchase the actual books.

Again, many thanks Len for your wonderful introduction.