Book of Creation and Kabbalah

The first book of Creation in the Kolbrin, sure takes me beyond where Ive been before, its so beautiful, and Im sure I can hear the ring of truth behind it. Sure, it wont be the whole story, but it certainly "feels" like it is leading one in the right direction. And, as a matter of fact, if you speak to a Kabbalist of any worth, they describe the action behine the short B"reshit account (Genisis) in very similar language.
Interesting, the Kabbalah is something that I have merely scratched its surface so far, I look forward to doing some more in depth research on it.

How does one get a copy of the Kabbalah, do you have to attest to a faith or ca it just be bought. I’ve read pretty much every religious text and still have to read this one?

help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forums timlaz!

About the Kabbalah, it is not a book but a school of thought and a type of Jewish mystical discipline. The most important source books for Kabbalah are the Torah itself (in original Hebrew), the Sefer Yetzirah, the Zohar, the Bahir, and a few others. It is a school that requires the study of numbers and geometry in relation to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and how they are composed in the Torah. To be truly proficient in Kabbalah would require fluency in Hebrew and near memorization of the Torah in its original. Following this, it would be wise to convert to Judaism and study with Kabbalistic Orders and Masters that often have very restrictive barriers for entry.

This is not a Path recommended for most non-Jewish Seekers, but can be beneficial to a very specific type of person with gifted mechanically oriented minds. But Kabbalah study, like any other mystical Path, requires dedication to its school over a deep and extended period of time (often a lifetime), to be truly effective. Dabbling will confer few benefits, and will perhaps offer more negatives than positives, based on your intent and level of devotion.

Hi Len, you are of course absolutely spot on with your remarks pertaining to both the Kabbalah, and kabbalistic study.
I have studied just a little, under the guidence of a real kabbalist, and it really blew my mind even the little I learned, a lot in the Kolbrin sounds very kabbalistic, as does a lot in Gwineva and all the channelled works.
Truth of course, is a mutually exclusive term, truth, by its nature, is always the same, that’s why it is truth.
I had the same physical creation story, that is, of the planetary systems being created by the Supreme Spirit out of fire and water, dark and light energy ect ect, and then the same sequence of planetary formation and life seeding. told to me in 2003 in Israel, as I read in the Lost Book of Enki, and latterly in the Kolbrin itself. A few different terms, but the same story.
If one were to humbly approach members of Chabbad Lubavitch, or call a Chabad house in your district, you may find that even though you are not Jewish, if you show a genuine interest, they may at least point you to the right authors. Like Len said, its a field of study that can be a blessing, and a curse to the student, truth isn’t always nice and friendly, and once learned, nothing can be unlearned.
Many times in discussions, even in this forum, I have to bite my tongue, for there are things held in the heart, that should not until a proper time, be released to the mouth, or to the hand in this case.
Laymans Kabbalah is called Chassidis, hence Chassidic Jews, are those who have a very deep spirituality, rooted in a very deep practical working knowledge of kabbalistic principles in every day life. Jews call this “bringing heaven down to earth”, or raising the mundane to a holy level.
Studying Kabbalah, even a little, will teach you much.
Good luck on your journey my friend.
Love and light.
And shalom.