Book of Enki

Ninki, Enki’s wife…Mother Goddess, hmmmm?

“IV. Lao Tzu, Confucius, Guatama Budda, and Zoroaster were all born in the one hundred years from 550 to 650 BCE., i.e. circa 600 B.C.E.. With them were born philosophies and religious teachings, which for the first time, departed from the worship of flawed Gods and Goddesses, and became more involved in profound, universal-God philosophies. From this viewpoint, the god(s) of Genesis is not the God of the universe, but is instead, a description of Enki and Enlil, and to a lesser extent, the other Anunnaki.

Were the more profound philosophies which arose around the turn of the Sixth Century BCE a coincidence, a universal-God inspired event, or perhaps, a gift from Enki and/or Ninki? Keep in mind Ninki is very likely the original focus of the matriarchal, goddess religions which flourished for tens of thousands of years up until the final destruction of Crete circa 1250 BCE when the last “official” version of the goddess religions was forced to go underground. The goddess religions may, in fact, have been derived separately from the mainstream of the Enlil-dominated, Sumerian-civilized version of his-story, and probably populated by ancient men and women who grew weary of working the mines and lit off on their own for the uncivilized (and infinitely more appealing) wilderness life.

The question which still begs for an answer is whether or not Ninki, or some combination of other Anunnaki gods, arranged to have true philosophies introduced six hundred years before the Current Era. It is a distinct possibility.

Oh priestess, I like where you are going with this !
Have you seen the Madonna video for her song Frozen ? I would be very interested in what you think she is portraying. Seems like some Earth Mother goddess to me.
Love and light !

They needed gold for their atmosphere…ok. There are stories of a planet that destroyed itself with psychic energy. Also stories that Atlantis could have been destroyed by psychic energy. Ever think the gold could be something more like mono-atomic gold?

Ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Sumarians used mono-atomic gold to feed their light body and encourage spiritual transformation and enlightenment, and to promote health. Advances in modern science and investigation by researchers have started to confirm that this substance has “exotic” properties and can literally, according to lab data, alter space, time and gravity. I’ve also heard a lot of bad things about it, so I wouldn’t recommend ingesting it, or if the so called research is true or not.

Just another spin on the story. Might explain though, if they were here raiding the planet of our gold, why there was so much true gold left here after they disappeared. I think mono-atomic gold is actually made from true gold, like a bi-product. Not certain of the process, but I know gold is an ingredient.

Hi Diane,
According to LBE, it was indeed mono-atomic gold that the Annunaki were wanting from Earth. As that is the type of gold in sea water, wich is what Alalu was looking for with “the hand held tester”, the crystals, it says, went the right colour, and he jumped for joy.
Mono-atomic gold has an extremely light atomic weight, and is easily suspended in the upper atmosphere, wich is what the Annunaki needed it for.
Later, when it became obvious that it would be too much work, and take more time than the depleteing atmosphere of Nibiru would allow, to take the mono-atomic gold from the Earths Oceans, they “scanned” the land masses, and found where the highest concentrations of gold were.
This gold was mined, and trasported to Mars, where it was prcessed into mono-atomic gold, and then in turn sent to Nibiru.
The Annunaki, destroyed the ecology of Mars, during this process, as well there was probably devastation during one of the passings of the Brown Dwarf, that Nibiru orbits, every Shar ,
3600 years.
Interesting about Zoroastra, Buddah and the like, certainly makes sense.
Love and light.

Just thought I’d share this for Enkisfreind and everyone who enjoys Sitchin. I know the man has passed over, but he’s got a new book coming out. This should be interesting. I’ll probably end up buying it. I’ve bought so many they send me an update about new books. hmmm, gotta love how they keep track of those things.

The King Who Refused to Die: The Anunnaki and the Search for Immortality Hardcover by Zecharia Sitchin (Author)

Details ancient Sumerian sex rituals, the Anunnaki lineage of the gods who lived in Sumer, Anunnaki spacecraft technology, the workings of the Oracle of Anu, and Gilgamesh’s relationship with the goddess Ishtar [/i]

Sex rituals? Designed to sell I suppose. It will be released Sept. 20th.

You betcha booties sister !
I’ll be downloading that ASAP !
Oh, Enki’s fish suit?
Remember, his real name, is Ea wich means “Who’s home is water”, En-KI, Commander of Ki (Earth) was his title.
Fish suit, is symbolic of his name, and nature. Also, the Anunnaki doned “fish suits” to swim to shore from their spacecraft when they landed here on Ki, on that first Earth Mission.
Love and light sister.

“They took ape man, gave him their brain and mixed the genes. The vessel used for mixing the essence had to be made from the CLAY of this earth, not a crystal JAR as they would normally use.”

Ape; specifically…an ape; i.e. chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan etc?
Man; bipedal…Homo-Erectus, standing upright.
APE-MAN; a hunter gatherer paleolithic hominid that foraged bushy grasslands, trees, and water fronts, being pre Neanderthal=a forest lands and cave dweller in Europe.

‘gave him “their” brain and mixed the genes’:
brain; not just increased cranial cavities and brain mass, but, different genetic makeup i.e. chemistry and synaptic pathways leading to spatial cognitive thought.
their; genetic/chromosomal their, or their as in; training, knowledge.
The awakened soul.

A clay jar; pottery. Fired and glazed earthenware. A mortar and pestle. A clay based enclosure that can be covered not allowing light to distrub the content and control the temperature more evenly. A crock. A beaker. A laboratory container.

What was the clay? Mud Clay, as used in bricks or oven ware, or sand/clay to make glass laboratory equipment. Was it literal clay from the ground, or perhaps “clay” as in DNA clay fashioned by hand or science to create a design or pattern,“after”.
Crystal jars not used; a type of petri dish or test tube? Maybe not crystal but some type of synthetic material that would interact with the chemistry being used. Could a crystal apperance have been a polished metal, like stainless steel… or was it crystal literally as in quartz crystal? The Egytians used quartz crystal jars, urns and vases, all of which were only associated with royalty.

Mixed the essence/ genes. Crossing APE MAN genes with what? Cosmos man genes? Or genetic material from something else that they had in supply. From where? Aldebaran? How could elemental beings/if that/ mix their genetic soup with a primitive life form?
Was Cosmos Man/god/ a carbon based life form… or is it elemental…spiritual? Explain elemental/spiritual/carnal/progenitor rolled into one being. Were Mankinds Paterfamilias intergalactic Debaucher’s/ Seducers/rapist’s? I mean seriously! The Hypocratic Oath, codes of ethic’s apparently do not apply to Gods!

Obviously; given the nature of animals and their instincts, inseminating them with a hybrid fetus, carried to term and birthed, the animal would reject it and possibly kill it. This NEWLY created hybrid would have to be cared for and trained by “caretakers” other than the natural mother…in The Garden of Eden. A protected and closured environment. Who then decided it was time to debauch the “KIDS” with carnal knowledge?
This would also make me ask, how many attempts with various homonids were made before they found a combination they liked, or could control that was sentient. Could this explain what the pupose of Gobekli Tepe was for? How many variations of Adamu did they create? Just one or possibly hundreds more? I think they would have made hundreds or even thousands until the discovery was made that they could procreate. Unfettered procreation would have ended genetic manipulation. Unless you begin selective interbreeding towards an ends result. Bigger, bulkier, more powerful, more intelligent, more docile, less aggressive, a longer life span… they must have gotten more than they bargained for. Because one faction wanted to wipe them all out. And then what? Start over again?

One sentence fills me full of questions. Thank you for bearing with my inquisitive nature. So much to process.

I had thought about that clay vessel thing a few different ways. That the vessel had to be of the earth, from the earth. Or that possible just a ape-man or human being from the earth was the vessel. Haven’t really come to any conclusion on just what exactly the texts were trying to tell us.

I came across something today quite by accident, and I thought of your post here yesterday. This author has a different take on things. This relates to your thoughts…

This isn’t necessarily my opinion, but I’d never heard this take on it before and found it interesting. I’ll have to think on it a bit more.

26. Our ancestors did not have, nor had ever realized such divine power could reside in flesh. For their world was pleasure, was blood, was the physical.
  1. Death was a void to them.

  2. But upon our creation, they ignited in us through the combination of their DNA a divine spark which they craved.

  3. For no longer did human need education and blood inheritance to understand.

  4. For first human “Adamus” could connect to the Unique Collective Awareness, the ALL and seek the answer for themselves.

  5. Such power, such absolute and divine power in a creation of theirs did trouble our creators.

  6. So they killed us and remade us and killed us and remade us again in search of our soul.

  7. But each time, they could not find it.

  8. For what they truly wanted was this soul for themselves, deep down they wanted to understand that which they did not know.

  9. The reason for the universe.

  10. The reasons for life.

  11. The connection between things.

  12. The power of knowledge.

  13. And when they had exhausted themselves in every way to steal our soul, in their hate and anger did fill us with their hate, their evil, their lust, their civilization and created our counterfeit soul.

  14. But for all the blood that has been spilled in their names.

  15. For all the evil committed in worship to our evil ancestors.

  16. There is one thing that even our creators did not count.

  17. The ability for human beings to grant them in forgiveness, in love, in compassion their own souls.

  18. For this is the greatest of mysteries and most profound of acts. Frank O’Collins

Interesting take on things in comparison to the Sitchen material. Don’t know, food for thought as always.

I think, personally, that the answers you seek are very simple, and contained within the text itself, maybe a re read is in order.
When the Anunnaki first observed the “earthlings”, E’a Enki’s comment was " this is a being, and not a creature". One would assume, that as a scientist, especially of an advanced intelligence, that he would recognise the difference between a sentient being on an evolutionary path of development, and an animal.
I belive that it was not a true ape, but was that being, we today call Bigfoot, or Sasquach, (Please excuse my spelling), or a being similar to it. Bigfoot being so much bigger (according to reports) than normal humans, leads me to wonder if the Anunnaki didn’t make us a little smaller than our primitive anscestor, so we were easier to control. As it was said by E’a himself, that the “being” was similar in many ways to the predecessor of the Anunnaki themselves. Which is why he dared to mix the Anunnaki genes with the beings, and create us !
I also think that part of our “problem” as humans, comes from the imbalance in our physical and spiritual nature. In that we were not ready yet, spiritually, for the evolutionary jump, kindly, given to us by the Anunnaki, be it for their own purpose or not. Thus, we still had the “caveman” nature, but had become capable of so much more intellectually, instead of a club, we invented a sword, then a gun, then a nuke.
Maybe that was the fear, that Enlil had, when he saw the Earthlings creating a Rocket Tower, under the guidance of some rebellious Anunnaki. The fear that the Earthlings, “Have become like one of us”, and that soon, that barbaric nature was going to be in control of “celestial chariots”, and the like, maybe armed with Nukes ?Rightly fearing this outcome, Enlil and the host, came down and divided the Earthlings, took them to different contenants, and taught them different languages so they wouldn’t be able to work together effectively, thus slowing down the rise in knowledge. I have haerd a Rabbinical sage speaking on this matter, he said that it was not only a matter of confusing the languages, but also a “vale”, was lowered over the human intellect. Maybe they turned off that %80 of our brain scientists say we don’t use ?
Also, this would explain mankinds somewhat archaic approach to spirituality, and G-d consciousness, we being easily lead to belive all kinds of primitive theologies, with which the Anunnaki, and other Earthlings, have for thousands of years kept the greater part of mankind in subjugation. Maybe robbing us, of the female aspect of spirituality, was part of their plan as well ?
Maybe, this next stage in ascension we are about to take, is a rebalancing of our physical and spiritual natures into a harmonic state, and also a switching on, of that part of our intellect we cannot at this time access ?
By the way, I’m not painting the Anunnaki as being bad or evil here, they are like us, we are like them, %50 good %50 bad. Frankly, I’m a big fan of them on the whole, not so keen on the so called “greys”.
Just some thoughts on my part.
Love and light.