Channeling: Modern Vs. Ancient

It's funny you would mention the ancient channeling vs modern channeling issue. I've thought about it many times and it's true that we give so much credibility to ancient texts and yet our contemporaries we distrust as if they were automatically fraudsters fabricating texts to get our money. Maybe also people tend to believe that if amongst the ancients, as ignorant as they're usually conceived by the common person, there were some with such intricate wisdom it must have been because they had truly tapped into some knowledge beyond the mundane, whilst the modern channelers appear as opportunists with pseudo scientific notions who exploit ancient legends and ancient characters of notoriety to make a profit.

Do you think there were no false prophets in ancient times? Where do you think the term was invented? There were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different and competing Gnostic groups within a relatively short time frame. So when we say ‘Gnostic’, we should be careful as many of these groups violently disagreed with each other. Some performed blood rites, some performed some of the most depraved orgies. Others preached absolute celibacy (no marriage either) was the only possible way to Transcend. Others would not bathe for years on end, claiming that bathing and cleanliness were earthly, material gratifications, hence evil. So, which ‘Gnostic’ group is correct? Which were false, depraved, delusional, or power hungry and which were real?

That’s a very interesting point brother.
I think that one of the signs of truthful “G-d breathed”, doctrine or theological laws is moral purity. Even in the Kolbrin, as in the Torah, there are many moral laws of man to man, and man to “G-d”, interaction. They for the most part, seem to say very similar things. My conclusion is, that there is really only One Supreme Spirit, and maybe many gods. I think that the real moral codes that the Supreme Spirit would inspire, would be tha same no matter what group of people, or epoch, or by what name they endowed. to the Creator of All.