Creation in God

I want to share something...It's a bit long, and the author is a bit controversial. Back to who God is...then maybe we can discern about who Jesus was...maybe? I think Jesus was from or formed from a sphere that was of service to others. He was trying to help us, but religions of that time twisted what he had to say for their own service to self. Not saying this is what I believe...but I think it ties in really well here, and it's food for thought. The following is about God and how the material world may have been created.

"In one sense, you could say that it is a vast and glorious self-regulating organism that is One; but it is One in Manyness. It is only when we perceive this actual Unity as already existing, and not as something that one has to imagine or pretend will come into being, (which means excluding all that one finds unpleasant or not of love and light), will the literal fact of this state manifest in one’s life…

Disasters, misfortunes, tragedies, ruin, destruction, adversity, suffering, pain, anguish in all the varied manifestations we find them in our world are expressions of the idea of nonexistence. I understood that the idea of nonexistence exists only as an idea, and only because in a realm of infinite possibilities, even the potential of nonexistence exists as Non-being.

In the two fundamental ideas of Being and Non-being, all creation is manifested. In the act of creation, the out rush of creative energy; half of the consciousness of God formed itself into a reflection of this idea of Non-being as part of the grand experience. And this reflection of Non-being is matter – it is only the half of the consciousness of God gone to sleep to offer itself as the clay from which the cosmos is formed.

I also understood that, in that eternal instant of falling asleep there was a sensation of loss in this half of God that “volunteered” for the role of matter, and that this sensation is expressed as a recoil, a contraction upon itself. It is this contraction in flux interaction with out-raying creative consciousness. This establishes the tension of polarization, which is the dynamic by which the cosmos is manifested.

And, in third-density terms, this recoil or contraction is the essence of Service to Self; those who choose this mode recycle into sleeping matter. The creative consciousness half of God uses the matter that is formed by the recoil of the other half of God to take on form, to engage in exploration of all the ideas in the mind of God. This results in an increase of its relative energy.

This using of matter to increase energy is felt by the sleeping consciousness or matter as fear of loss of self. To assuage the fear, the matter-oriented consciousness must circumscribe, limit, and restrain. It must believe that the grand constructions of illusion are not only real, but also all that exists.

Physicality becomes the standard, the measure, and the object of veneration. The physical universe is, in effect, God. This is the essential dynamic of all physical or partly physical realities, including the hyperdimensional fourth-density Service to Self. And I finally understood the reason for the masks and mazes of our world: it is “The Parable of the Sower”. "

Knight-Jadczyk, Laura (2012-11-01). Stripped to the Bone: The Path to Freedom in the Prison of Life

It has been a while since I've been pondering about the concepts of existence as a dreamlike experience and also reality being akin to a computer simulation. I think these two things can be reconciled if we conceive our universe as being a mental projection from the mind of the Universal Creator, though not random and uncontrolled like a dream, but bound by certain set parameters willingly established by said Creator. A fixed dream, making it completely real to those experiencing it due to its constancy. After all wouldn't we consider our dreams real if they would be as constant as what we consider reality to be? Yet this would mean that all that we see around us is merely a very powerful imagination and that the true nature of All is in fact CONSCIOUS MIND. The big question is, what would there be left if our simulation was to be shut down? What does exist beyond the dream? Merely conscious energy existing in infinity/eternity? How can one conceive infinite space without any tangible thing in it yet possessing conscious ethereal mental energy all around? I certainly can't reach such visualization.
Merrilymwerrily merrily merrily life is but a dream...............

Wow, Row row row your boat, gently, down the stream…Selah !

Roydrard Kippling, was he an existentialist ?

"Yet this would mean that all that we see around us is merely a very powerful imagination and that the true nature of All is in fact CONSCIOUS MIND."

There are 318,979,564,000 possible ways to play the first four moves of chess. Imagine every living creature to be a chess piece on a cosmic chess board. Now imagine contemplating all the possible moves to their completion within the game. Now imagine this took little effort.

"At the foundations of My creations are Truth and Reality, these are with Me and of Me, but they are not My substance, neither are they things comprehensible on Earth. These are truly great things indescribable in the inadequate words of men, which can do no more than form an imperfect, incomplete and distorted picture of them; simple things can be described clearly in a few words to the understanding of man, but greater things become increasingly difficult to deal with through mere words. What words of man can be used to describe the indescribable? How can tilings beyond the comprehension of mortal men be brought within the limits of their understanding? Before the shadow there was the reflecting light, a light so bright that were it not veiled in the darkness it would consume the shadow. Seeking to explain and describe transcendental things in the limited language of man only leads to obscurity and confusion, the words form incomprehensible sentences and unthinking men will declare them to be incoherence. Therefore, look behind the sentences strung together with mere words. I am the Unknown God veiled from man by man's mortal limitations".
Amein achi !