Current State of Kolbrin Research

Well, let me start off by saying that I think questions of the Kolbrin’s provenance are of secondary importance. People’s lives are not changed or improved one way or another regardless of its authenticity. However, people’s lives can be changed or improved by seeking practical wisdom and applying that to their daily lives. This is the true worth of the Kolbrin, no less so than other Culdian literature not claiming an ancient date.

However, that said, the volume of evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, regarding the Kolbrin’s authenticity ( ) has really skyrocketed since Manuel began this Facebook Group, and especially since the launching of the new Culdian website and forums. At this point, the amount of evidence gathered, while not enough to prove beyond doubt its authenticity, is so much that it requires some pretty farfetched and convoluted conspiracy theories to argue that the entirety of the Kolbrin was written in modern times. A lot of these skeptical arguments really strain the imagination, and are often more farfetched than accepting the validity of the Kolbrin itself.

If serious Kolbrin researchers like Yvonne, Manuel and others continue finding clues and evidence to the Kolbrin’s provenance at the same rate it has been going, the weight of evidence will really be too overwhelming for any skeptic to be taken seriously. It is nearly to that point already… And once a certain threshold is passed, serious consideration of the Kolbrin from both a much wider public audience as well as scholars within mainstream academia will be forced to take up the question in earnest.

And I cannot see this forthcoming attention as anything but a positive development, helping to fill and cure the spiritual and religious vacuum and malaise now suffered in Western civilization.

That's what I told Yvonne. I'm not sure when we will find that piece of undeniable evidence. Maybe never. But it's true that we've already accumulated quite a lot of very compelling proof that should at least demonstrate the skeptic individual that this book is not just "another new age hoax". Even if it was fabricated at least the author had some very intricate knowledge of the ancient past and not only of one epoch but several.

Not only would a fabricator have to know intricate, specialized, and little-known knowledge about a multitude of different cultures, but they would have to know things that weren’t discovered before the Kolbrin was even published!

In order for the skeptics position to be correct, they would have to claim that the fabricators of the Kolbrin had secret knowledge about ancient history that no one knew about until after the Kolbrin was published. Or, they would have to claim that the fabricators of the Kolbrin were psychic, and knew this information beforehand.

Either way, the skeptics position would really have to be more incredible and unbelievable then believing the Kolbrin was authentic!