Cycles of Creation and Destruction (or, The Good and Evil of Humanity)

Once a pattern is understood and mastered, a new one is chosen and emerges.

This goes for both individuals and entire species.

We're a very fragmented species though, we've evolved in very different circumstances and are as a result quite different. I hardly see our species mastering any pattern as a whole. For individuals, I often wonder if the technology that we've acquired and that grants us our more secure existences isn't actually counter productive. At least when nature gave us a challenge we felt more alive. However nature can change things up quite fast and upset our current "security".

It’s really no different from change in the animal kingdom. There can be evolution, devolution, extinction (frequency alteration), etc. for all or segments of an entire population or species. Given enough time, one of these things occurs for an entire species, including humans. Guaranteed.

I foresee the good ole' cyclical destruction and re surging until one day the Earth will have fulfilled its role and I guess it will be time for souls to dwell elsewhere.

And continue going through the same tests and trials. Maybe I am an old soul because I find this whole thing a bit redundant.

Perhaps so…

Good thing we have the “knowledge of good and evil”, having the ability to recognize that cycle, and the power of free will to change it should we so choose.

But really we only have the power to change it at the individual level.

Where else can ultimate change begin?

And that's why dissent will always be the norm on Earth.

Dissent cries for the need of Truth, and Truth is never forever hidden.

Yeah, the cycles will forever turn and there will be golden ages and hellish ages. Which one was alloted to us? I guess we shall wait and see, things should get interesting in our lifetimes.