Cycles of Creation and Destruction (or, The Good and Evil of Humanity)

I have seen The Destroyer and It is Us!
Hi. If You are talking about the Destroyer mentioned in the Kolbrin : no. If You are talking about, what we are doing here : yes. I always say: It seems like, that the Negative Stae seeks for its' perfektion before it has to go ( as we read in Revelations or the Keys of Enoch ). Love and Light.
That's deep brother.
thats what the beast is our creation
It's us, ya think? Now is it us by our deeds, or by our thoughts? Or is there nothing we could's our own creation that's negative and destructive? Ya think? Born bad and evil from a terrible thing that went down at the beginning of time itself, (time wasn't an issue until we came along right) , and our only option is to repent, be born again, be reborn, be saved, and forgiven for our terrible crimes. Now, since we haven't done all that we can do to repent, fix the mess we made to begin with, we will all be destroyed and the earth wiped out once more, start over until we get it right? That's how the story goes right? Or did I miss something?

So which is it since "“it’s Us”? Deeds, thoughts, or because we are?

Maybe nothing of what actually happens on earth matters except for our actions and how we shape our consciousnesses while we're around. We obsess a lot about creating utopias on earth but we've been long enough to know that by all perceivable evidence that is unlikely to come, and even if it does it's not guaranteed to last long.

Maybe the striving to improve our environment here in the world of matter is just a natural thing meant to drive us to live lives more fulfilling than those of animals but it’s the striving more than the result that matters in the end. Of course if the materialists were right and there was nothing beyond flesh and matter than this life is utterly pointless.

To be all that you can be, see all that you can see, learn all that you can learn. See through others eyes, and not just your own. Give all of yourself that you can give. Strive, feel, care, drains the body and the mind but grows the soul. Push beyond the boundaries of what you "think" you can do. You can do much more than you think you can.
Yeah but it's hard to tell that to people when for most it's apparent that this life in matter is all there is. Most persons given the choice of some selfless heroic act for some unknown after life existence and security for their flesh mortal bodies, will chose the latter.

Striving to be the best you can be in every area of human endeavor, while however difficult, brings untold rewards to you personally and everyone around you. Sometimes the joy of life is more than can be contained or explained.

Even if the existence of an afterlife was disproved beyond any question of a doubt, I would change not one thing about my personal Path; ethics, strivings, loves, or aspirations included. For those who overcome, the riches are self evident right here and now.

When enough people bring Heaven to Earth in their own Souls, this place shall be a paradise.

Yeah, Earth seems to be a place that makes it very tough for that to happen though.

“The juice is worth the squeeze.” :wink:

Unfortunately a great amount of people conclude it's better to find a way to gain earthly pleasures through evil means than live more righteous lives. When these reach a critical amount then earth becomes an actual hell.

All the better to contrast Goodness, Love, Fullness, and Truth.

As above so below. Heaven and Hell are not only within each of us right now, but represent the potential conditions for life right here on Earth.

Yeah that's the point though, it probably HAS to be that way and thus it will never stop being that way, at least not for long.

Certainly not forever.

Why should we want it any other way? To do so, we would either have to be animals or robots.

This is the meaning behind eating the forbidden fruit, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which resulted in free will. Thus chose our species, and set in motion our destiny.

yeah I am not against it at all.



Forgive my private amusement, Manuel. The irony of life sometimes can give me the chuckles.

It is just that as hard as life can be sometimes, you still realize there is no better option to us at present.

Deep down people know that the juice is worth the squeeze, no matter how hard sometimes they fight against it.

Yeah, I wouldn't do it any other way. It's just that when you know (sort of at least) how the game operates it loses a bit of sense. To me at least.

I mean that everything seems to be made to follow a certain pattern, sort of like the Hermetic pendulum principle. You can try to elevate above it and evade its effects but that’s pretty much it, it will continue to swing eternally. That goes regarding the original topic we were discussing about the state of matters on Earth and with humanity and what can be done about it. Of course individually it can be objectively stated that there’s lots that can be done.