Determinism and Inertia Controlling World Cycles

So it's highly likely there is a somewhat deterministic factor in all these recurring patterns in history that are related to all these interconnecting cycles within cycles. It doesn mean people don't have a capacity to allign their own lives to the divine purpose independently of the era they are born into, but it goes back to this inertia I mentioned before.

There is inertia, and there are deterministic factors, and there is also free will.

One man may transcend the inertia of his age, but so may an entire civilization…

It does seem the masses are more prone to fall victim of the inertia though. "only the few go through the narrow gate" and all that...

Even the wise and strong stumble, and may be lost and carried along by the cloud and confusion of ignorance and inertia… Yet, they did not become strong or wise, and we did not become mankind without eventually overcoming all these trials… :wink:

That's something I've gathered from the Kolbrin and it's one of the hardest things to digest. It's best encapsulated in this passage:

“We may visualise our individual goals as we will, it is ordained that we have this freedom. How close or how far we are from reality is of little consequence, what is, is. He who seeks a non-existent destination will, nevertheless, get somewhere. He who seeks not at all will get nowhere. EARTHY LIFE FULFILLS ITSELF WITHOUT ATTAINMENT.”<

We can’t avoid wanting to take all humankind with us towards some utopia, but the fact is that regardless if we attain this utopia or not, it’s the striving that leads us to the trials that shape our character. Problem is, when you realize this, it’s harder to look at your striving in the same idealistic manner as before. It’s as if being the hero of a movie and actually believing you are living all of it and suddenly being told you’re in a movie, for lacking a better analogy. You suddenly perceive things differently. Maybe it can lead to an attitude of allowing things to play out as they will as regardless of the outcome the purpose is being fulfulled nonetheless. It both can seem as having attained the wise man capacity of rising above the pendulum swings but at the same time it can entail the risk of not “getting wet” for any cause anymore because of a feeling of either futility or being too above mundane cause and effect.

Kind of like saying, “The journey itself is the destination.”

It can also lead to a forced kind of braiwashing oneself into forgetting this knowledge for the sake of feeling participant in the whole thing in order to attain "karmic points". It's quite interesting actually how becoming "red pilled" about these issues can affect a person. Could it be life is more exciting the less one knows about its more intrincate functionings? Matrix style in the sense of "I'll betray everyone for one piece of steak"? Of course I'm sure you Len will say that the more one knows the more responsibility there is to help others to understand, but reading Lucius for instance in the Kolbrin can be demonstrative of how frustrating that can be in an era of extreme spiritual apathy. ;)

Just sharing some thoughts here, not trying to make any concise argument.

This is the trap of the Nihilist.

You mention movies… The greatest actors are those who actually become their characters, not faking it, but really becoming them, and are still able to go home at the end of the day.

Sports is another analogy. What is truly won by winning a game, after the game is over? The greatest athletes have overcome themselves, and gain a strength retained all their lives, even after they have retired from the sport. And yet, in every game they play as if their life depended on it, even though it is not 'real life '.

For most though, The memory loss between incarnations is a necessary requirement to avoid the type of nihilistic traps you are describing.

Earth is perfect for it’s own purpose!

Regardless of all that though, you’re going to get really bored if you don’t jump in the water and get wet. :wink:

"The memory loss between incarnations is a necessary requirement to avoid the type of nihilistic traps you are describing."

Yeah. Very interesting point.