Did you ever feel...

On reading the Wisdom and messages found inside the Kolbrin and enlightened works, that it was speaking to your soul? To the part of you that was conneted to source? And in that connection to source, that its origin was immaterial as Truth found inside spoke louder than provenance? Did you ever just give up the search for provenance knowing that at the end of the day, the Truth spoke louder than any historical document you could hope to find? That applying that Truth to life was far more valuable than any proof you could find. I have found proofs. I have found provenance. I have found little need for either when applying Truth to my life. Just sayin… Peace

Seconded again, djinnee, every word! Thank you so much for your continued valuable insight here. ;D

Nicely put djinnee. I will give my perspective of your discourse… By applying your perception of Truth would it not be correct in my assuming you demonstrate whatever proof others (and perhaps yourself) may be seeking? And would you not be living provenance by your very acceptance of Truth in light of your own understanding of its manifestation(s)?

I agree completely, this is the somewhat shocking truth I have myself recently become aware of.

Thanks for your comments Lance. I think the key word here is my perception of Truth. My perception is not going to always be the right perception as Truth is manifestly not part of this earth. My Truth being those things from the Kolbrin, Kailedy and channeled works that I have found a positive benefit from when applying to my life and when the opportunity arises imparting them on others. It is of course a careful walk to impart certain Truths to others without sounding too preachy. Not every Truth being a positive truth either, but maybe a realization of a state of affairs, a relationship, or a situation. I have found that some Truths can be very humbling. I think equally important is understanding that my Truth, or perception of Truth is coloured by my blinders, molded and shaped by my experiences and has definite bias. This is something I try to keep in my consciousness when speaking with others about Truths and applying them to life. Their perceptions are from their viewpoint. I like the analogy of “panning back and out” from my perception to the point where I can reconcile anothers viewpoint of the same situation. Using that as a starting point to communicate about something we can mutually agree on. It is an amazing process, living!

Interesting concept to contemplate there. Thanks for bringing that to the table. We are all living provenance of our experiences, attitudes, morals and values. I had a moment of insight once where I looked into the mirror and said, I like who I am today and in order to be here and now the person reflecting on the other side of the mirror, I needed to have all those experiences. Some perceived as good, and some perceived as bad, but all necessary to get me here. It was in that moment that I found tremendous personal healing, forgiveness for what I perceived as negatives in life, now perceived as necessary steps on the road to get me here. I share this because knowing that we can never go back, the only thing that can be done is reframing our personal viewpoint about the past and move forward in the now. One of my personal Truths and I repeat this often is that God does not make mistakes and this world is ticking perfectly to “not my plan.” Again, Thanks for your comments!

Excellent Sha’ul. We all get there in due course, then we move on…

Djinnee, I totally agree with your comments. Thank you.

One of my personal Truths and I repeat this often is that God does not make mistakes and this world is ticking perfectly to "not my plan."
This is something I use all the time as well, though not in these exact words.