Do Culdians Claim a Direct Link with an Esoteric Tradition?

Do Culdians Claim a Direct Link with an Esoteric Tradition? Are there other groups working like you? Are you solely based in New Zealand?

I’m not the best person to ask about the initial formation of the Culdian Trust in New Zealand, as I am not an original member or was even born yet when the events I’m about to relate took place. At a future date, details I may have glossed over now may be better related by those who were there. So later, in time, further questions about these beginnings may be more fully explained.

What is now called the Culdian Trust began in 1980 around the area of the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand. A local newspaper ad had been placed requesting all whom were interested in deeper truths, metaphysics, psychic phenomena and the like gather at a certain location to learn and grow with one another about these issues. The people that came were very different in background, temperament, and personality yet shared an interest in these matters. I’m not sure if it was the first meeting or not, but either then or a subsequent meeting shortly thereafter had one of the participants spontaneously channeling…or so I understand the story to go. What was remarkable about this event was that none of the participants knew one another, yet the Entity being channeled began relating very specific, personal details about each person’s personality, history, and future; their strengths and weaknesses and what was needed for each participants’ personal advancement. As you can imagine, if I started relating to each of you the history of your lives’ with minute detail it would be more than startling.

The meetings continued and so did the channeling sessions, with the sessions being transcribed. The resulting transcription of these sessions ended up becoming our organization’s first publication, The Book of Gwineva. And as the title implies, the Entity’s name being channeled is Gwineva. Because of the direct, personal proof, and in most cases metaphysically untrained, many of the original members find the closest attachment to Gwineva compared to any other of our publications.

But coming from a person like myself who wasn’t there, I can also confirm the spiritual power, intellectual consistency, and comprehension of advanced metaphysical truths within the book. I am still floored by it when I go back to it. And my first reading came at a time when I was especially dubious of any ‘channeled’ material, given the lack of quality of content with similarly sourced material. Yet, because what I read resonated with me on such a deep level and was also so intellectually and ethically advanced, that lingering uneasiness with the source of the text was replaced by awe of the Truths contained within. And this is much like how many of you here struggle so much with the source of the Kolbrin, yet know in your deepest hearts that what is being related is something that is not only True, but something you have always Known, but forgotten amidst the fog of mundane life. But I digress…

To continue the story, and to further answer your questions, the Culdian Trust has both a direct and indirect link to ancient and more modern esoteric traditions. The indirect link is attributed to ethical principles, creeds, practices and techniques coming from sources both channeled and historically researched that were found to have their beginnings first coming from the original Culdees of first century Great Britain. These first Culdees’ spiritual heritage was Druidic, and the old Druids to this day are known for being the most advanced metaphysical adepts of their time, as Egypt’s (the most advanced in the era prior) tradition had long been corrupted and in a state of decline by the time of the first century. Rather than reject outright either their own advanced systems and practices or the new, ethically superior creed coming with the first Christian settlers, there was a peaceful, syncretic morph of two Great Traditions…taking the best from both and discarding the negative and no longer useful. The original Christians and the then mature Keltic Druids began to voluntarily merge under a banner of peace, albeit politically controlled by the unwelcome and despised pagan Romans. The people of this merger were the Culdees, a people persecuted from many sides over many centuries eventually having to continue their tradition underground and eventually being stamped out, with only lone smoldering embers remaining. It is this linage and tradition that the Culdians of today have revived in New Zealand, starting with those initial meetings in 1980. Those having interest in this matter should do their own spiritual and historical research into the old Druids, 1st through 3rd Century Christians, and the Culdees or what is sometimes called the Keltic Church.

There is also a direct link the Culdian Trust has with an older esoteric tradition. One of the original participants in the gatherings beginning in 1980 was a man, now deceased, who was a member of the Closed Arcane Order mentioned in the front piece of the Kailedy. Curiously enough, this man, and the Order he belonged to came from Great Britain. It was through him that the copy of the Kolbrin was made available to us, and while he lived was our de facto spiritual leader. Many of our more private Teachings and Instruction came to us through him and his Order. His Order, being ‘Closed’, means that it is completely closed and shut off to the public, allowing people in through severely difficult training, by invitation, and undertaking several vows, among them being vows of silence. This man working with us, but also a part of the Closed Order, went to great lengths to keep his silence concerning this other Order, and that which he shared with us was only done with the approval of his British Order. This is why we have no original manuscripts of the Kolbrin to share with you, let alone any further demonstrable evidence of the Order which it came from. However, there are means of learning more about this Order, but that is of an entirely spiritual function, which I may add is not advised due to both difficulty and danger.

As to other groups working like us…there may be some similar, but really nothing quite like us. We have aspects of a Closed and Open Order with a very unique lineage, and content of Teachings and Training that I in my bias consider to be second to none in quality and effectiveness.

We have undergone great stress in regards to our organizational structure in recent years, and this continues; however, I must balance myself between negative gossip of our internal affairs and giving an honest account of our condition. So, consider that aspect to be enough said at this point.

Are we solely based in New Zealand? That has been the case up until the point I was invited to become a member a few years back. I am an American, and the first person not residing in New Zealand to be an active member. The Culdian Trust is in a transitional phase at present, and we are readying ourselves to expand first in America, and then in Europe, and is a task mainly laying on my shoulders. Details of said expansion will roll out slowly, but begin soon… stay tuned.

Well that was a long post Leonard and very appreciated that you're making the effort to reveal some of these things to us. Certain bits in there have given some new sense to a few doubts that I was having currently , so this post of yours can be said to have been very opportune.

I wish you a happy holiday season and to your loved ones too, let’s talk more when we all have the time again.

" And this is much like how many of you here struggle so much with the source of the Kolbrin, yet know in your deepest hearts that what is being related is something that is not only True, but something you have always Known, but forgotten amidst the fog of mundane life."

I like that… on my first reading of the Kolbrin, I recall, in some text, finishing a section and being really sleepy… I’d then lay on my bed a contemplate what I read and the answers it gave and the questions it raised… then I’d feel refreshed and ready for more… and then the next section I read answered my questions and continued this process… it was very hypnotic… and I wondered if text could actually have the power to hypnotize.

Perhaps, Rex, this is an awakening as opposed to any form of hypnosis.

By the way Len, you’re pretty much on the mark with your dialogue.

I am only on my first reading of the Kolbrin, I have noticed the poer in the writings, power to change, and awaken. I feel so blessed to be exposed to its light.
Thankyou, fro my heart, to all who have worked so hard, and been so brave, and made this possible.
Love Light , and peace to you all !