E-Books Now for Sale!

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our website Store. It has been a long time coming, but now you will have the option of buying our Teachings directly through the Culdian Trust.

At present, we have for sale the Kolbrin, Kailedy, Gwineva I & II, Rowena, and Celestina available for purchase in a downloadable PDF format. Over time, we will also sell our various Booklets set to release as we prepare them for you. Look for these in the weeks and months ahead.

We are still working on more affordable, direct options to sell hard copies of are books, and you should hear announcements from us on this front in the near future.

To purchase, you will need to have a PayPal account, and to read the PDF E-books we sell, you will need an E-Reader which accepts the PDF format, or any computer, tablet, or smartphone will have free software that will allow you to read from the chosen device.

General questions or help may be asked through the Forums, or any specific issue related to a purchase may be assisted through our general email, info@culdiantrust.org .

Thank you all for your continued support, and a happy New Year to all!

I’m very grateful for this. I now have Gwineva I on my computer. I can’t get it to download to my kindle. My Kindle accepts PDF, and have many PDF documents on it.

If someone has purchased one of the new books and has downloaded it to be read on an e-reader please let me know what devise it is that you’re using, and if it’s a Kindle let me know how you did it pretty please. I’ve tried all of my known ways of transfer to kindle for this document, and I’ve run out of options. That’s my favorite way to read…at night with my kindle. :wink:

Unfortunately, Kindle is the only platform which does not support DRM protected PDF’s. So it is not you, Diane. We shall see about trying to get a work around for the Kindle.

In the meantime, Diane, check your email. I’ve sent you a more compatible version for the Kindle. ;D

I tried looking up all the reasons it wouldn’t work. The purchased a silly adobe PDF export program for 27.00, thinking I was not up with all these new programs and such. But That didn’t help at all. It was the DRM - “Digital Rights Management” padlock that was on the file. Maybe the silly Adobe folks will let me have my money back.

I have now downloaded Gwineva I to my Kindle. Thank you Len! Went through smoothly. I know what I’m reading tonight!

I do hope you get your money back from Adobe. And I’m glad I could help.

It seems the Amazon Kindle blocks their users being able to read DRM PDF’s and EPUB’s, so that sellers of e-books are forced into selling on Amazon’s marketplace. All the other E-Readers allow this (Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc. as well as all computers, tablets, and smartphones) but Kindle still does not allow DRM supported formats except for their own proprietary DRM format.

We will try to find a better work around for the Kindle if we can, but in the meantime if anyone is having problems reading the ebooks on that particular device, PM or email me, and I will help you out. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of. :wink:

Happy reading!

I couldn’t wait to read Gwineva on my kindle. oh it was so nice to lay in bed and read it. I’m home with a terrible flu (I get sick from flu shots, so no I didn’t get one), and I’m bundled up like an eskimo, but I can pop open the kindle for a peek see. :slight_smile:

So Adobe. No one’s home at Adobe. They seem to be without ears to hear or eyes to see. Certainly a self afflicted asset when you have a customer who wants to make a return. I cancel within hours of getting my little program, and I receive an email…
"Dear Diane Ostrander,
Your Adobe ExportPDF subscription has been stopped and will not renew; it will expire on 29-December-2014 (PT). "

Um guys, that’s what I paid for 1 year, and um I cancelled it. So like you should refund me, even partially? Oh well I shall make the best of this situation and since I have a nifty little program that can change PDF files into word, excel, or rtf I will use my new magic on some document sooner or later, but before Dec. 29th 2014 lol :slight_smile: If anyone would like me to change something for them, just let me know. Appears this tool is very simple to use.

So you say Nook can read these files with this DMR PDF’s? I had always thought of getting one of those. I’ll look into Sony Readers too. Kindle’s upset me more than once with their blocks. It’s all greed, just greed I tell you. :wink: Please excuse my brain it has a fever for real this time. about 101 currently.

Hope you’re starting to feel a little better, Diane. :slight_smile: