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Everyone alright I hope. Did anyone here feel the effects of this? Thinking of you. Stay safe.

I’m still here Diane, I was holding the door at work, counting down the last seconds till 16:30 when I can slam it shut. And the door started to move in my hand, at first I thought I was imagining it, then the next tremor I thought maybe I had the shakes, then the third time I realised that the door, and the floor, were moving side to side ! "We’re having an Earthquake ! " I yelled to my boss Ross, by then it was all over.
I live and work in Auckland, some 660 Ks away from where the epicentre of the Quake was .
No worries for a city (Auckland) built on seven volcanic cones !

Thanks for responding! Must have been alarming. Appears things could have been much worse. I’ve been keeping up with the updates about the earthquake on the internet. NZ is right in The Pacific Rim of Fire isn’t it? Must make for an interesting terrain. To think what I pay here for a bag of Lava Rocks. ;D

Thinking of changing the title to Earthquakes and Meteors, something like that. Maybe Len can think up a good title. Seems to be more of the latter, (Meteors), recently. At least more meteor sightings are being reported that I’m aware of. I can’t decide if that’s because there are more of them, or that our modern communication allows us to be more aware. Maybe the Earth is attracting them, or the universe is reacting to what’s happening here?

I changed the title. Hope it’s ok with admin. Kind of packed all together for now. Just thought if something major comes up comes up we can have a place to talk about it.

Just found out England now has the largest off shore wind farm. I didn’t know. Guess they’ve been working on it for awhile. Looks impressive!

Second photo is from space. Wow! We have a wind farm locally I can see from my window. Ours sit on top of the mountains. When you drive up to them you feel dwarfed by their enormous size. I heard though that the power produced from them doesn’t go locally, but to another area in the USA.

"The London Array—the world’s largest offshore wind farm—started operating on April 8, 2013, about twenty kilometers (12 miles) off the coast of Kent and Essex, England. Looking at these pictures taken from space gives you a perfect idea of the Array’s amazingly vast extension. It has a maximum generating power of 630 megawatts (MW), enough to supply up to 500,000 homes. "

“The London Array’s wind turbines are spread out across 40 square miles (104 square kilometers), each positioned to harvest the prevailing southwest wind. The turbines are separated by roughly 2,100 to 3,900 feet (640 to 1,200 meters), and stand 482 feet (147 m) tall. Cables buried beneath the seafloor connect the wind turbines and transmit power to two offshore substations and one onshore station, according to NASA officials.”

I’ve read where they’re working on doubling the size of it. Some say that decreasing CO2 is a really good thing. Others say that with the coming climate change we’ll need more CO2. Your head can spin around reading all the opinions on the subject.

Hi Diane, you’re welcome to change the title of this thread and put lots of different Earth news into it. However, if there’s lots of different news items of different sorts, it could eventually be pages long and difficult to navigate to the particular story people find interesting. Individual stories or subjects have a better chance to be seen and commented upon if they each have their own devoted threads. Something to consider… but I’ll be able to split it later if its a problem.

There certainly are a lot of opinions on the subject, heavily skewed by greed and political advantage on both sides of the argument.

A good rule of thumb should be not to put what we know to be dirty or damaging in the air or water. CO2 is not a pollutant, but a building block of life, being the gas plants breathe and animals/humans exhale. Now, too much of anything can be bad, including oxygen or water. But, at what point is there too much water, oxygen, or CO2? I would hazard to say that most scientists have no idea at this point, that it is mainly hypothetical.

In the 60’s and 70’s, the majority of scientists were warning of global cooling and a new ice age coming right upon us, in the 90’s and 00’s, global warming, and now just climate change. News flash, the climate changes! And while carbon in the air is a factor of warming, it is not the only one, and it will take much more research to determine optimal ratio averages of carbon in the atmosphere.

Until then, can we agree to focus on what we all know to be harmful and toxic? I don’t know, something like maybe working on having our rivers, streams, and lakes drinkable once again???!!!

I must admit, Diane, until I heard about the quake on the news, I had no idea we’d even had another one. No doubt had I still been living in Wellington I would have probably felt the shake, but here in Rotorua I didn’t feel anything - mind you, earthquakes are nothing unusual throughout the country (even more prevalent in some places than others). And you are right, we are on the Pacific Rim, but more importantly, NZ is smack in the middle of the meeting of the Australian and Pacific plates. It can make for some interesting times here; and I’m sure some really interesting times ahead…

I agree, Len, CO2 is most definitely not a pollutant. Did you know that from time to time the mainstream media here still talk negatively on the greenhouse effect? For some reason they want to keep this little gem alive - perhaps there’s not quite enough fear in the air down this part of the world…

Until then, can we agree to focus on what we all know to be harmful and toxic? I don't know, something like maybe working on having our rivers, streams, and lakes drinkable once again???!!!
You know, reading this statement brings to mind how fortunate we are in this part of the world. Our waterways, for the most part, are pretty healthy. Most of our lakes, rivers and streams are drinkable (although various health organisations will probably disagree with that statement). Where I live in Rotorua we have numerous natural springs where the water is as pure as you can get. One place, Hamurana Spring, you can drink straight from the stream, as can you swim in the waters (a bit nippy though as this is where the waters from this spring first see the light of day and the warmth of the sun), you can also clearly see the trout as they swim past. It's quite amazing when you think of so many countries around the world who can no longer say the same for their own water supplies.

We, too, have a number of wind farms throughout the country, and I suppose like most other countries, there are those for and against the use of wind turbines to generate power - one of the major complaints here is the noise they emit. I wonder, has anyone here done any research on the effects the sound frequencies that emanate from wind turbines may have on the environment, including human beings? Even those turbines off the coast of England have a frequency effect that would be amplified courtesy of the efficiency of water as a carrier.

Water, clean water is the more essential ingredient to life. I couldn’t agree more with that.

Some local news that I’d like to share. I’m beside myself with frustration and disbelief of the ignorance, selfishness and greed of some people. I don’t understand it, and doubt I ever will. There’s a 34 acre pond down the road from me. It has a stunning cobblestone covered dam with a small waterfall. The house next to the dam made from matching stone has 100 year old apple trees. A little boy sits by the road every fall selling baskets of apples. It’s a lovely site to behold.

The pond and dam were built in the 1800’s for ice harvesting and provided power for a mill. Those days have long past and now the pond is an ecosystem for wildlife. Eagles, Herons, otters, fish and ducks have all made Bunnell’s Pond their home. Over the years the pond has been developed with a few well placed homes. The homes sewage is all hooked into the towns main system, so no one is dumping yuk into the pond. There are areas around the pond that are too wet for developing, and many wetland creatures live there. Large sections of lily pads too! The fish shade under the lily pads as the dragonfly and frog rest on top.

The pond’s been sold to a developer called Rogue Investments. Just the name of the company sends quivers down my spine. Rogue indeed. Rogue industries says the dam and pond are in need of repair. The repair is too costly for Rogue industries, so they want to drain the pond and put up houses. So we have numerous people who bought lake front property who will no longer have a lake, we have all the creatures who will no longer have a home, (frogs, turtles, oh my there are so many living there), and this pond drains into a stream, and the stream runs to another water fall, (that was another mill) a few miles down the road.

If you look around my area you’ll see acres and acres of undeveloped land, many ponds, lakes and streams. There’s probably a few thousand acres for sale in this county alone where a developer could purchase land and put up dozens of homes. But no, this one wants to drain a 34 acre lake and plop a development in the middle of it. Fishy? Oh yes fishy. The person who bought it in 2004 paid 675,000 just for the pond. Sold it for 35,000 in 2013 to Rogue Industries. Me thinks the 2004 owner, (Mr Putzi), is also owner of Rogue Industries. He just wants more room to put up houses. We’ll see, but I’ll bet it’s one and the same creature.

Wish I had a photo of the dam, it’s so pretty. Photo of part of the pond area.

The local people are fighting back. Not just those who live on the lake. Everyone I’ve talked to is up in arms over this one. We take a liking to our fresh water, and our wildlife. Everyone understands the need for housing and development. There’s no need for this type of unnecessary destruction in an area with so much available undeveloped land.

Update 3/27/14 I had to drive down in the direction of the falls today. Took a quick photo from the car. Thought I would add it to the post. To the very left of the first photo, and in the second photo you may be able to see the natural stone used to make the original dam. No new news yet about what’s going on with the lake. Have to get there when the leaves are on the trees, although the ice is pretty amazing in the winter too.

I have to wonder this so-called need for housing, in particular, especially as their are so many empty communities throughout the US (courtesy of the banks, the fed and other financial gangsters). And to develop just for the sake of it, also smacks of financier gansterism (new word…).

I totally agree with your (and your community’s) stance on this one Diane. It is always encouraging to hear stories of people (communities) standing up for their own rights and beliefs, especially in this field, as for so long many Americans erroneously believed their legal and political systems would protect everything and everyone. Perhaps it is time you consulted with Papatuanuku (Maori) - our Earth Mother - and asked for her assistance in your fight. She will always listen and will willingly work hand in hand with you and your community for the betterment of all.

I wish you all the best with this very worthwhile project. Go for it.

I talk to her with every step I take. No worries there. Busy, busy I am, but every morning I walk to my mailbox and everyday I touch the oak tree, we share a breath, and every day I say thank you. One day there was a white cat watching me from beside the compost pile, (wasn’t sure if the jig was up for me at that moment), another day saw a tunneling spider web in the tall grass in the morning dew. Like an endless vortex into the earth. It’s very cold now, and as the sun comes up the wind blows tiny ice crystals around. Mini sparkling ice crystal tornado’s. In the morning sun it looks like sparkling magical dust blowing across the field. Amazing world we live in! I witnessed a hay tornado in 2013. My dogs thought it was just the greatest thing. Chewy hay falling from the sky. Afraid I’m still finding it sticking out from in between the logs of the house.

Been wondering though if maybe we should be talking to the sun, and asking it to wake up.

I just found this video all I could say was Bam! That sums up the earth changes that I’ve been following fairly well. This is for the coming ice age folks. ok, kinda conspiracy earth news, or a bit one sided. Food for thought. Kinda anti global warming. Or there was warming, now there’s ice. Either way, enjoy the music and the video, even if you don’t agree. :wink: Hope NZ can see it.

Thanks Diane. The video was excellent. At least we here in NZ can see this one. There are many we can’t (unless you know how to).

I have never been an advocate of global warming, particularly as what was mentioned in the Youtube clip has been going on for some time now. As for climate change, well, the climate changes every day and that is merely another tool in the elite’s arsenal for making themselves wealthier and the poor poorer.

I gathered as much, especially with your high degree of affinity where Nature is concerned. Yes, talking with the sun may be a good thing as well. Perhaps it can speed up its present cycle???

Disclaimer, (not that I need one, but for anyone who doesn’t know me)- I’m not a scientist by any means, but I can follow along fairly well.

Solar field is weakening. There may not be any sunspots by 2015. Solar Flares expand the atmosphere, and lack of flares collapse the atmosphere. Last time it was like this there was what they call a mini ice age. Scientists cannot agree on the actual beginning and end of the last little ice age other than it was between 1350 to about 1850. The worst of was between 1690 and 1760 AD.

As the pendulum swings we became gradually warmer. I think now we’ll become gradually colder. That’s why I want the sun to wake up. Maybe it is to speed along the present cycle because of what a mini ice age will do to everyone. I want the sun to wake up, not get real angry. :wink:

This video is pretty good. Things haven’t improved at all regarding solar flares since the video was made. Declined actually. Horrible crazy weather everywhere, and little activity on the sun to match.

The Next Ice Age - An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon

Hi Diane, I am wondering when this video was made? I must say that whenever I see a video that has trippy music in the background and some version of the “amen break” drum track quietly in it’s background, that it is designed with some kind of hidden agenda. Since that drum beat is in just about everything, I think it is trying to speak to one’s subconscious. I become immediately suspicious of the maker’s motives. If you look at the website , you will see that the solar minimum was in 2009 where there was a stretch of 260 days without a sunspot. Since then, I think the last several years, we have had sunspots daily. This says to me that the sun is awake. Check it out if you would like. I think it may calm your concerns about the sun not being “awake” The most current sunspot is wider than the planet Jupiter. ;D. Interestingly, I think that a 260 day cycle without a sunspot is a fascinating point as the Mayan Tzolkin spiritual calendar has a 260 day cycle. Not to sound preachy on the Mayans, but the Tzolkin calendar has been something that has intrigued me for for about 10 years. Not for end-of-the-world reasons, but because it spoke to the spiritual energy of the day. My research and study of it was what eventually led me to finding the Kolbrin in 2005-2006ish. Probably watching some video with trippy music and the “amen break” track in the background in full disclosure. ;D

I think you should watch this video showing global circulation patterns using time lapse over the course of a year. I am not sure what year, but I saw it several years ago for the first time and I am sure there are others. Looking at the cloud cover represented as the color white, and precipitation represented by the color orange, I see a heartbeat of the planet when looking at the precipitation over South America and Africa. I hope you enjoy.

I have chosen not to set myself on a path of unnecessary worry about a future not yet happening. Alternatively, my partner in life is a huge Guy McPherson fan and feels humans are walking a tightrope towards our own destruction by our own hands when relating to the environment. My response to that worrying is “Well, what do you intend to do about it other than balk at me? Put yourself into a position to facilitate changes if you feel passionately about it enough to speak about it, otherwise the words are without value.” Not exactly in those words, but this is my rebuttal to those conversations. We try to be as "green " as possible in our home. Our future will come and we will all meet it on it’s terms. What happens on a large scale is something I believe to be out of our hands, especially those events having something to do with space weather. Fearing the future is not serving my purpose living in the now. God bless you Diane and Happy Researching! I hope you enjoy the video and the solar website if you have not yet experienced them ;D

Global circulation

Hello djinnee, oh my so much to respond to…where to begin. I’ve experienced the spaceweather site many times. The video I posted from suspiciousoberservers was from Feb 22 2013. Ben makes a new video everyday for you tube and now has his own website. suspiciousobservers dot org. He’s referenced spaceweather dot com on more than one occasion. I believe that site is funded by NASA, but I’m not positive.

For your viewing enjoyment I’m posting Ben’s video from today. I won’t be posting more of his video’s right now, anyone can subscribe to his you tube daily video presentations. This one has the latest daily information. Extremely good update done in just a few short minutes. He provides the links to all of his info.

S0 News February 3, 2014: New Climate Info

I’m afraid we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I can agree with you that the last few days have produced some amazing activity on the sun. I’ve followed the reports through Solar IMG and Suspiciousobservers. Very exciting. However it’s just not enough, and much more is needed. I don’t think I fear the future at all. But I do like to attempt to prepare as best I can mentally, physically, spiritually, and even materialistically for the future. If I noticed a sink hole in the earth ahead of me, I would reroute the direction of my steps to avoid it and not walk blindly into it.

The graph is from a paper published in “Advances in Space Research” and it predicts that if the current lull in solar activity “endures in the 21st century the Sun shall enter a Dalton-like grand minimum. It was a period of global cooling.” I apologize for the size of the graph. I did make it smaller, but the smaller I went the print disappeared.

Diane, I now I’m a little behind the times post wise, but maybe you could get yourself an RPG, and convince Rogue Investments to develop elsewhere ?


Interesting about the elephants.