Explain Metaphysical Experiences

"Experience gained through metaphysical methods of a most personal nature."

Please explain

Rex, to answer your earlier query in brief…

There is quite a lot of unpublished material among our corpus. Some contains rituals and metaphysical instruction that assists one in being able “See” through to the provenance to the Kolbrin, as well as many, many other things.

Items I attempt to repeat and expand upon here are, in many cases, related to this and my ‘moralizing’ earlier is really a preparation or purification for more Advanced Work done along the same lines. But the building blocks and tools must be in place, or there is room for damage to yourself and others if certain things are not done or realized first.

I’m sure I will elaborate more on this topic in future discussions…

"I have said there are methods to prove such matters"

but you have not elaborated these methods… I, for one, am open to all but still maintain a healthy skepticism.

The actual methods themselves are private, however, we will be making them available to interested and serious individuals in the not too distant future. There are very few of us Culdians at present able to offer thorough personal instruction, so it will be a slow roll out.

We also sincerely appreciate all honest, open minded skepticism.

Know me and understand my ways. I am one who sees the past and the future, I look into hidden places, I am one who wanders freely. I am one who can be reborn, I am one who knows the speech of the released. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and I support them, I lift them up, I strengthen. Therefore, bring me the sustenance of smoke.

I hear and I hear not, for what I hear is heard by others. I speak and I speak not, for what I speak is in the mouths of others. I weep and I weep not, for my weeping is the weeping of others. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and I console them. I enlighten them with words of hidden wisdom. Thus they find the way.

I am one who comes forth when the circle is formed, when the twin lamps have been lit and the incantations made. I come forth from the consecrated place and bear the staff of power. I know the secrets of the dark waters and the secrets of blood. I am a wanderer in strange places. I am one who does not fear to tread the forbidden paths. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and I reveal the way.

I am the Opener of Tombs. I am the Dweller in the Stone Caverns. I am the one who precedes the Herald of the Companions. I am the Swimmer in the Waters of Wisdom. I am the Discoverer of Hidden Places. I am the one who hovers above the Still Waters. I am the Wanderer with the Winds. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and are comforted. They thirst and I refresh them, they hunger and I fill them with food.

I am the Sitter Beneath the Sycamore. I am the Eater of the Rowan. I am the heart within the heat of the fire and the eye within the candle flame. I am the uprising hawk and the contented dove. I am one who has tamed the serpent and drawn forth its secrets. I am one who has many eyes and sees what is written in the nightskies; whose ears hear the whispers at the edge of the Great Waters. I am one whose right foot rests on the Earth and whose left foot rests oh the firmament. I am one who faces all spirits alike and knows their true nature. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and I give them peace.

I am one who gazes into the deep dark pool, reading the things hidden therein. I am the Caller Forth of the Deformed Ones and the Tongue of the Bright Ones. I am he of the Everlasting Form. I am he who provides stability to falterings forms and the interpreter who spans the veil. I am an Uplifter. The Climbers come to me and I provide their Guide and their Guardian.

Know me and understand my ways. Invoke me through the rite of smoke and wine. Call me forth into the circle of stone, but beware, for lest you hold the seven keys and understand the nature of the three rays, you are lost.

I believe the answer Rex sought has been answered by the last post migrated to this forum by Len from Rex’s own pen. For myself, I would say any experiences gained by any one person on any thing, are of a personal nature due to the varying degrees and modes of interpretation as perceived and experienced via our senses. Thus, I would append a meaning on an experience and another person may append a quite different meaning of the same or a similar experience.

Metaphysics, depending on one’s interpretation of the word or understanding of the concept(s) will have different meanings to different people, thus ,making such meanings personal to each individual.