Fairy Rings

Have you ever walked in a wooded area and noticed all the different types of ferns? How they grow, the patterns they make? Some are so soft like a feather brushing up against your legs, and others are hardier with a thicker texture. I know you’ve probably heard of Fairy Rings of mushrooms. But I noticed a certain type of fern, (or similar species), that grows in a circle. My garden is in full sun, so I didn’t have much chance growing any ferns. One day a few years ago I dug up a small section of Fairy Fern circle I’d found in the woods. If my hunch was correct, the one section of fern would grow and make a complete circle. My circle is now a horseshoe, and maybe by next year the circle will be complete. I stuck the little fairy in there a week or so ago just for fun.


The vine beneath the ferns is called Virginia Creeper. Pesty ground cover vine that takes over. But it may have helped the ferns retain the moisture they needed to grow. I let it grow now, and just try to keep it off the rest of the plants. It helps keep down the other weeds. Just as the sun rises over the hill here in the morning, one bright beam of light shines through the trees right on the Fairy Circle. It’s an awesome sight.

More circle garden shots. It’s a circle driveway with a center circle garden, and now a fairy fern circle within the other two circles. The rocks along the edge I collected while digging holes to plant trees, shrubs, etc. in the yard. One by one, I’ve put them along the edge of the circle garden. Never let a good rock go to waste! :wink: Forgive, I’ve kind of let the garden grow crazy natural for my animal friends. We have the birds, Mr, Rabbit, Mr. Chipmunk, (aka Mr Monk), and the Deer come to visit :wink:



The Center Stone/Boulder Stone within the circle.


I must admit to preferring rustic-looking gardens. You have done a lovely job here Diane. The energy fields around both the circle and the plants looks lovely - no wonder the animals love going there.

I’m sure the fern you have planted as your fairy ring will do nicely - perhaps planting a shade shrub nearby might help. Just wondering… have you ever had an opportunity to sit in the midst of a circle of trees? A natural circle within a copse or something similar? Once you open yourself up to the area it can be an exhilarating experience.

The garden is in full sun from sunrise till about 3 hours before sunset when the house blocks the sun. Probably have to be a circle of bushes around it to keep it in the shade. But it’s worth a try.

Yes, I’ve been able to sit in a circle of trees. I know of two places. One is more my older brothers place than mine. He made a “throne”, (that’s what I call it), in an old grove of 100 year old apple trees. His throne is under the largest tree. I wonder if he remembers it. He would sit there and read many years ago. The Grove is surrounded by forest. Not far into the woods is the remains of an old stone foundation with a bleeding heart bush and huge lilacs.

My place is extra special. :slight_smile: . I found a copse with the thickest, softest moss as the ground cover. Like your walking on a carpet of big puffy green cotton balls. There are large trees are all around it, and just a few tiny saplings springing up here and there within the circle. The trees around it over-hang so just jets of light pass down to the forest floor. Magical place, so quiet. Off between the large trees you can see a bright sunny field in the distance. I could sit there forever. Almost fell asleep lying on the moss one day. Like your someplace else looking out into the bright sunny world in the distance. I hope to get back there again soon. ah memories…:wink:

Sounds to me like getting back there is a must. The whole concept of circles (no matter their composition) is intensely fascinating and, as you progress, very rewarding indeed.

Thank you for your sharing Diane.