From Grounding to Transcendence: Two Selections from the Culdian Corpus

This month we have for you two very comprehensive, related works with different backgrounds. First, The Book of Morals and Precepts, from the Kolbrin, provides some of the best, most distilled instruction on how one may go about establishing and perfecting nearly every aspect of life. This particular book details nearly every strength and weakness, virtue and vice, that a person needs to focus on for a healthy and happy life. None of us are so perfected that we need not return to this instruction from time to time for adjustment and fine-tuning, which provides a mirror to remind us of our individual successes (for encouragement in what has been already gained), and more importantly, a spotlight on blemishes/weaknesses/sickness that still needs overcoming. And with each of the latter worked on and ticked off the list, a veritable garden paradise is established within that can only grow, both within and beyond us, when tended. The tools to do so are not more clearly and comprehensively laid out than in this magnificent book from the Kolbrin.

As health, virtue, and strength begin to establish themselves, the groundwork is laid to both manifest and connect with the Divine Source within and above. And as this process continues, it is experienced more purely and powerfully with less distortion and abstraction. Our booklet, A Culdian Perspective on Worship and Prayer, removes sectarian dogma around the subject while explaining how all of us may approach the Divine that is our universal birthright. This second selection, available to each of you this month, helps to unravel and experience our own personal place and connection with the universal source amidst and a part of the cosmic tapestry.

Lay the groundwork with the help of the first selection, and ‘lift-off’ with the second!

Of course, and always, if any of you have questions or require support (or would just like to work on these goals among kindred spirits and fellow travelers), don’t hesitate to email us or discuss among friends on the Culdian forums.

(Psychology of Group Leadership and The Problem of Relationships have been taken down for now, but will be available again soon in a different format. Look for an announcement soon in your email and on the forums.)