Glenn Kimball on Coast to Coast

The other day I was listening to an interview on coast to coast with this Glen Kimball guy and the host, who seemed to have been reading some of the Kolbrin and developed an interest in it, was under the misguided notion that all the things written there were from 1100 ad or something. Some people dont quite understand how old some of the things the Kolbrin contain allegedly are.

Yeah, I heard this interview as well. I think they were under the assumption or making the claim that the Kolbrin as a whole was being compiled (from its various parts), used, or taught around 1100 AD in the Glastonbury area.

Yeah, precisely. It was a very ennervating interview to listen, for that and many other things.

Host was trying to tie in the Maya and Lila chapter with medieval Europe, i recall shaking my head at that one .

Kimball was a bit confused is all… I’ve got no problem with that.

But the blatant lies about his and Masters version from India, and how the wording from the Culdian version was changed “just enough” shows he was an empty shell, devoid of insight, understanding and integrity.

Yeah we know that bit is outright lying. These folks have created an elaborate deception in order to sell the book. The whole India and Vatican thing coupled with the Templars thing reads like a Dan Brown novel or something.

That is all pretty funny actually. But that is okay, he served his purpose. He brought a wider audience to the material than we had ever done… And for this I certainly appreciate him.

However, looking for more out of that bunch is a dead-end. 2012 has come and gone. They’ve spent their largest bullet and have come up lacking.

Yeah, good way of thinking. It's true that to many people they may have discredited the book but for many others having the chance to read it probably meant being exposed to the gems of wisdom within. Regardless if the book is authentic or not its contents are very valuable. THat coast to coast host for instance seemed to be getting into these wisdom aspects regardless of his doubts about the origin of the book. Unfortunately he was very confused about it all and KImball wasn't helping much because he was quite confused(or maybe ignorant) about it as well.

If people feel it is discredited because of Marshall Masters or Glen Kimball, I feel no pity, as it would’ve taken them 15 minutes of Google searching to realize that they plagiarized the book. Those sorts of people only have a superficial interest anyway, so to me that is no big loss.

But going back to your mention of age, the things discussed in some of the early parts of the Kolbrin are really the oldest and most complete description of ages past found anywhere.

I can’t recall any other ancient text going back as far. And if the Kolbrin is what it says it is, it will be in a very unique position for scholarly research once historians and archaeologists advance far enough.