Gnostic Persecution

The gnostics have always been persecuted in so many ways. even in modern times the blind ones have written so many lies about the gnostics. Not only they (pauline christians) falsified the gospels (the Nicodemus Gospel being one definite instance), they even invented "The Original Sin" to disparage gnosticism.

To make the situation worse there are even many fundamental Creationists on the internet nowadays who confusingly call themselves ‘gnostics’. The original Gnostics, just like buddhists and perhaps zoroastrians, are anti-creationists.

Many have been persecuted, and I personally consider the Gnostics as spiritual brethren. Most of the Nag Hammadi is some of the most profound spiritual literature in Western heritage. Where we differ, as discussed above, is the unbalanced rejection of physical existence. It is counter productive to demonize, or hide under the auspices of ‘illusion’, aspects of reality that we choose to experience and learn from for a time.

Anti creationists ?
Please explain ?

My curiosity is piqued as well… Are you referring here, Len, to the religious versus evolutionist concept? Or is this something else?

You will have to ask Luminuous what he means by “anti-creationists”, as this is his post that I uploaded from the Kolbrin Facebook group. I don’t believe that he is a member on these Forums as of yet.

I assume what he means is that the Gnostics and Buddhists are hostile to the idea of one, all-powerful God creating the Universe and its various manifestations, or that this ‘creation’ is not a benevolent one. But again, you will have to ask Luminuous about what he means here, either on Facebook or if/when he decides to join here.

Tah muchly. Hopefully something further may come our way…