God Abides by His Own Laws

The kolbrin doesn't argue for an omnipotent god it actually states clearly that God abides by his own laws. Now that could be tricky because we do not possess knowledge of them in their entirety.
Thats my understanding also senior.
I am trying to remember which passage states that, but it basically says that God doesn't break his own divine laws. Of course this doesn't really mean God is limited but more precisely that for the universe to function properly the great law must be respected even by God, even if hypothetically God would wish to transgress it. God created the great Law and by his Will he abides by it, which sorts of destroys the "could God create a stone he couldn't even lift" recourse.
Could G-g create a rock too heavy for G-d to lift ? I remember during my Metaphysics studies, discussing how in order for the Universe to exist in any uniformity at all, G-d would have to keep himself, within the bounds of certain laws, such as the laws of Thermodynamics.
As I said he doesn't HAVE to, but he WILLED it to be in that determinate fashion so that the material creation would function. These things apply to the realm of matter only, which is under the authority of the divine law. But as the Kolbrin states, reality lies in eternity which is beyond matter, and in the realm of God, which is in essence wholly God as in the All, and of a nature not comprehensible to us mortals, God does rule with absolute omni-capacities.

If God willed certain laws to apply even to himself then it cannot be said He is not omnipotent, that would be the case only if another being could override His Laws. So could God create a being more powerful than himself? He could but under His own Law that He has established He won’t do it. It remains His decision and thus stems from his power, his omnipotency hasn’t been breached.

having arrived to this conclusion and unless someone can falsify it, I correct myself from my previous comment regarding that the Kolbrin states God is not omnipotent. God’s omnipotency seems to not be compromised even within the parameters of the realms of matter.

Manuel, could it be that, in the realm of existance, there is a limited amount of energy, and if G-d did, for whatever reason, try to create somthing greater than Himself, or itself, there would be some kind of cosmic implosion, or creative reversal, kinda like a Nuclear reactor going unstable, or a Supernova ?

The argument of course, is strictly theoretical, and most unlikely, but it sure as hell stimulates my nural pathways !!

Yes. For instance if God tried to create another omnipotent being then it would have to be as great as God but as God is already The All then it would have to be greater than everything and that's an impossibility, thus if God's laws do not allow that kind of action then it remains His Will and thus within His Power.

As great OR greater than everything ,sorry

Why couldn’t the universe expand? … Also, the universe does not ‘contain’ God. (A strong emphasis on the word “contain”)

I like where you are comming from Emanuel, is that dangerous ?

Dangerous to whom?

Its a strange thing, at leaast in my personal experiance, that the moment of epiphany, or enlightenment, as to a certain truth of concept, is often not saught out, but stumbled apon, like walking on an old wooden floor, only to be supreised when sudenly it caves in under your feet, revealing yet another level, or floor underneath.