God, Humans, and Awareness

Yeah I agree Rex, I think God is something hard to comprehend because he is ALL and is within ALL both at the same time. All cells in our body are us but we don't have the capacity to be conscious of every single one of them, yet apparently it would seem God can be the whole and also have consciousness of every part of Himself at the same time.
you are correct, sir!

Nice comment Manuel…

But, are you sure we don’t have the capacity to be conscious of every cell in our bodies? If not, why not?

And, if that were possible, what might that say about our beings in relation to God?

""Would you know the ultimate state of man when he has finally reached his goal, when he has entered into his inheritance of divinity? It is a state of glory transcending anything conceivable by him during an earthbound existence. His consciousness expands to embrace everything, all that ever was or will be. He sees all. He knows all. He is in all and he contains all. These things come to him through infinite powers of perception, yet he is above all such powers. He is beyond all yet within all. He is beyond the realm of matter, freed from all restrictions, yet he is not denied its joys and may, if he so desires, manifest again in matter. His thoughts have the power of creation. He is one with the Light of Lights, the Light transcending vision. He is the partaker of My Substance, My son in eternity, the inheritor of everlasting life. I am your God, the Father of Man"."
If people when ill would JUST think of their cells, their mitochondria & other structures that NEED help when they are ill, chemically unbalanced - and view them as BEING happy - loved and well, that would eliminate much of the physical pain that people DO undergo when sick. To think of your body's cells as MORE THAN A VESSEL TO CONTAIN the spirit essence or soul ... that must be encouraged and soon one can indeed see change for the positive in this regard. One get's well sooner - and without as many complications. Remember the studies done by the Japanese man whom saw change with simple water crystals when they were told they were beautiful, lovely and what have you, contrasted with when they were told they were ugly and not worth anything. We are 70+ % water - so this is rather telling as to the influence this aspect has upon the human condition.

we need to visualize and acknowledge the role the body plays in the scheme of it all. And quit abusing it with drugs, booze and other things that shorten one’s well being and mental faculties

Yes, Katsi… and that is just the beginning of of taking care and being aware of one’s body! :slight_smile: Such a simple first step any of us can do, yes?