Goodness and Greatness in Mankind

Manu posted a quote: “All too often, good men are not great men, or great men good. As things are, the man who is both good and great is a rarity.”

To which I responded:

True… Yet it does not require greatness to choose to better oneself, acquire wisdom or decide to come closer to God.

I think the point is that unfortunately many good people with good intentions out there just don't have it in them to really become great and lead others to a better path. I see many people who are good intentioned but then their goodness turns against them when they are too eager to tolerate everything and not judge anything. It's a complicated balance.

Being tolerant of wickedness stems from apathy and weakness and is no measure of goodness.

As for greatness and leadership, it is certainly desirable to have both among good men; however, these qualities are not necessary for most people. Leading oneself and balancing one’s own family is more than sufficient.

Positive change in the world is wrought even on this small level.

I would state here that positive change to the world is wrought from within and, if given the right circumstances and opportunities, manifests outwardly. I feel that most people feel that in order to be great or good one has to do something considered great or good by others standards. This, I believe, is a false mindset inasmuch as it relies on what ‘others’ think and perceive as opposed to how we think and perceive ourselves to be.

As for greatness and leadership, it is certainly desirable to have both among good men;

I agree, but not so much with this:

however, these qualities are not necessary for most people.

I would argue that everyone has qualities of greatness, leadership and goodness within their lives (and that it is an essential elements of one’s wellbeing). Take, for example, a mother and father who, after years of raising their child/ren see them grow into well-balanced, contributing members of society thanks to the greatness, leadership and goodness of their parenting skills and dedication over the years. This example may not be earth-shattering, but it brings about a certain positive pride in having done one’s best to bring up a child or children with the ability to succeed, no matter how great or small that success might be.

All people have potential qualities of greatness (not all have qualities of leadership), and these potentials all flower slowly in their own turn, in balance, as a soul’s evolution is prepared. It is not necessary, nor even desirable, that all men become a Jesus, Mohammed, or Buddha in one lifetime.

Often, as you say, to be a great parent or citizen in a family or community would be more than enough to transform the world!

we all have a good side and bad side, its just how it is, it is in our own discretion how we manifest this two sides of our selves… ;D