Government surveillance never sounded so smooth.

I was sent this video today and thought it appropriate with the rhetoric, both positive and negative, about the whistleblower, Ed Snowden’s revelations.

This so-called modern surveillance society is really not new, and the revelations by Mr Snowden sadly only highlight that of certain US participants, when it is known that all intelligence agencies spy on each other and each others countries and peoples (as referenced by information coming out about the French and English cyber-spying practices).

I personally dislike what is happening, but I also know this is a mere element of something much bigger.

Any other thoughts on all this?

Thoughts ? Yeah, They better enjoy it while it lasts !

This, like all technology, is a double edged sword. Those who watch, expose, and exploit will themselves be watched, exposed, and exploited by the very technology they are using as a weapon against the common people. And who has more to hide? They are facilitating their own destruction. The best modern parallel I can think of is the internet. Created by DARPA to be used for the military as a tool and weapon has facilitated more unanticipated use by the common man than the elites could possibly have imagined. The common man will just need to learn to use this new tool as a further advantage…

Not to say there is not extreme danger in the abuse of such tools, but they can be the means to wake up others and empower them. Used correctly, and if enough people are awakened and empowered through such means… this very Old Order stands in the shadow of its own death.

Amein V’Amein brother

Let’s make sure that this is so then.