Grant's Introduction & Looking for Folks in Auckland

Hi All
I am Grant and have been enjoying and respecting the teachings of Gwineva and the Kolbrin for a year or 2 - and for the 45 years prior to that, many other different teachers.
I have also been researching as much as is practical about Planet X, both in terms of my family’s safety and from an interest (…) in spirituality and the bigger picture of this physical world.
I believe that the universal goal is the expansion of consciousness and the spiritual evolution of existing consciousness.
Our world is a place where consciousness at vastly different spiritual levels can mix, through that there is trauma for individuals, and through that there is the opportunity for major steps forward for individual souls.
However, man’s nature being what it is, over time technology gives the less spiritually evolved an upper hand (ie enormous money is used for advertising to get certain individuals appointed that aren’t necessarily spiritual leaders). Bit by bit the balance on earth swings away from the spiritually willing so a reset button is needed to even up the playing fields and restore balance.
The “Destroyer” is also called “the Cleanser”, and to those that believe in reincarnation, it is just that, a reset button.
There is some sense in this being part of Earth’s cycle - there is spiritual purpose I believe.

One option is after preparing for ones basic physical needs, concentrate on how we can build a better society (as many groups are already) - whether it be now, or after the Cleanser or Rebalancer has passed.
The largest part of mankind has so far missed the opportunity for adopting spiritual values in this cycle, how do we change it for the next so that we are more successful ?

I would be interested to hear anybody else’s views on the above - my understanding is an evolving being :smiley:

Please - while I am here, can anybody advise the address and visiting hours (if there are any), or phone number for the Culdian Centre which I think exists in Thames. My email is I have the need to visit, although I am not yet sure why :slight_smile:

God Bless

Welcome Grant!

My view on the matter is that we can and should build a better society today. We begin to do this by making ourselves, individually, the example of what we would like to see the world become. In this process, find like minded people to work and grow with. From there, the opportunities for improving society multiply drastically!

If you are looking to visit the Culdian Centre, email and you will receive a response. In your case, we have already received your email and shall respond soon. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you around these Forums!

Thanks Len - and yes I hope to be participating more moving forward.

While I am of European descent, I and my family are Tao cultivators. The Tao global family is focused on self and group development, and recognition of our spiritual heritage be it from a largely Chinese cultural perspective.

I have for a while thought that there could be significant added value in having spiritually aligned groups start meeting with each other so that the value of the collective consciousness is exponentially increased.
This is one of the reasons (amongst others) why I want to find out more about the Culdian Trust and related groups.
Creating connections between similar groups from different paths I feel is more critical now than ever before.

Do you know of any Culdian members in Auckland I could contact ?

Thanks again

I also believe it is important that spiritually minded people find one another for continued learning and support. There are people participating on these Forums right now in the Auckland area that you can connect with. As for Culdians in your area, there are some, but they are not currently participating on this online venue, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to share their private contact information.

My suggestion would be to await a response to the email you sent us, as well as continue to participate here online, as this will help people here get to know you and become more comfortable with you. In sharing what you have learned, and by asking questions about your interests, you will be able to form bonds with others here even before meeting them in the flesh.

There have already been many subjects covered here we would love to have your input on, and also feel free to start new conversation threads on topics of interest we haven’t yet discussed. ;D

Welcome aboard Grant. I hope you find this forum helpful, particularly in the field of networking. It is interesting that I come online (since my computer basically died on me late last year) as I had the opportunity of talking to a guest at our motel. She is from Taranaki (my own province this time around) and a devout Christian (Pentecostal). We spoke frankly about Christianity and I also told her some of the history, both modern and the beginnings, of the Culdees and the relationship the current Culdians have with the name and concepts. I must admit, the conversation was both pleasant and enjoyable. What was most enjoyable, though, was the openness and respect afforded by both of us in our dissertations. So what you will find on this forum (and within the Trust in general) is an openness and congeniality that will compliment your own searchings and quests.

I am quite convinced that by combining one’s journey through this spiritual realm we call life, is better accomplished by like-minded people; no matter their beliefs and belief systems.

So, welcome aboard. I look forward to hearing your stories.

Shalom Grant.
I too am looking for like minded individuals to meet and share with, there not actually being that many “switched on” people, who are aware of the "reset button’, and it’s 36.00 year orbital path.
I have been absorbing and learning from the Kolbrin for about two years now, and am still a babe.
I would be very keen to make contact in some way if you would like.
Please feel free to send me a private message through this forum, and we’ll exchange cell numbers.
Love and light to you brother.

Hey, what happened to Grant ?

He must have got a bit busy…