Great Men and Good Men

So fellow Kolbrinites , question for today, which chapter was that had that passage about great men not always being good men and good men not always being great men? I know you won't let me down !
"Though great men make great events, even as great events call forth great men, they are not always the children of fortune. Success and acclaim do not always attend their undertakings, but whether they rise or fall is of lessor importance than how they rise or fall. It is not what a man does that makes him great but what he strives to achieve."

The impossible dream.

similar but not exactly the one I am looking for. I always post that one but I can't remember where it is exactly.
I'll give it a shot. ;)

LUC:11:9 I have spoken of the Mangod, of the very few who are gifted with purity of mind and high intellect. These are the ones who should marshal the forces of mankind to serve The Creator, but all too often, good men are not great men, or great men good. As things are, the man who is both good and great is a rarity.

You got it right Diane ;)
I don't think I did... ;) You asked which chapter. I messed up. It was Lucius Chapter 11 Vision of Evening. I was so happy to share to make myself feel good, that I didn't follow the instructions. Blinded again by anticipation. I have to work on that. See what I mean?

Great men that aren’t good have that much more proportional karma to pay, and the lighthearted would be paralyzed in terror to even witness the cost of such a debt.

Good men that aren’t great are still growing. Give them time, they are on the right path and will blossom in their own time and turn. Sometimes it is external events that initiate the growth spurt, and sometimes it is by internal will and desire.

Diane wrote up thread: “LUC:11:9”

Looks like you did give the chapter, and on top of that quoted the passage. You not only followed instructions, but went above and beyond! :wink:

You are much too hard on yourself, and are more often than not deserving of praise.

There’s not anything intrinsically wrong with anticipation, as long as it is balanced by awareness and preparations for alternative outcomes. In fact, it can be the motivation and spur for your highest aspirations. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and don’t let the possibility of the worst demoralize you; but rather make you that much stronger.

BTW, I shall attempt to partially answer your question from yesterday as I find the time.

and all too often, those great good men are despised by lessor men.
Who in turn are usually more ruthless and violent.