Hello Culdians and friends,
I have just finished the Kolbrin, and am now about 2/3rds the way through Gwineva. Gwineva seems to have the same ring of truth about it that the Kolbrin does, and is a wonderful work so far. The Kolbrin had a real effect on my soul, and has indeed given me a push in the right direction spiritually. Gwineva is so insightful, and has a real quality of truth about it.
Can’t say too much more about it yet, but so far, its up there with any other truthful, and great, spiritual work I’ve ever had the honour to study. Like the Kolbrin, once wont be enough.
Thanks to Gweniva herself, for sharing her wisdom with us, blessed be the good men and women who’s merit gained the contact with the being Gweniva. Parise be, to the Supreme Spirit, who wills that we succed on the Path of the True Way.
Love and light to all…
And Shalom…