Harp Twins Camille & Kennedy Scarborough Fair & Stairway To Heaven

Best to close eyes and just listen. The twins are lovely, and the music of the harps is so relaxing. For your enjoyment. I could listen to this all day, every day. Have to give them credit for marketing their talent the way they do, and bringing this lovely music to your ears.


The girls are amazing.


Totally agree Diane. Love harp music myself (couldn’t play one to save myself though…). Sadly Youtube has said the first url isn’t available here in NZ, but there are plenty of others from these twins to choose from.

Many thanks.

So sorry you couldn’t listen to Scarborough Fair. That’s my favorite, and you can hear the twins singing a short duet at the end of it. When I first watched the video’s I wasn’t quite sure what to think. A bit dramatic with their facial expressions, dressed alike, etc. So I closed my eyes and just listened to the harps.

I know what you mean. Often-times all we need is the auditory sensations, so shutting off from the visuals is sometimes a good thing.