Healing Wananga at Ohinemutu Marae, Upper Hutt, Wellington

For anyone who may be in the Wellington region over Labour Weekend there is a Healing Wananga at Ohinemutu Marae in Upper Hutt - opposite the train station. Admission is free (donations gratefully accepted) and there will be healers from New Zealand, Australia, the United States and possibly from Austria (don’t know on that one). On the Saturday there is usually a number of workshops happening throughout the day; these, too, are free to attend. Last year we actually extended the workshops through Sunday as well.

I participated last year (sadly, I can’t make it this year) and what an experience it was. Stats indicated there were in excess of 1600 people who went through the wharenui alone - this was where the majority of Healers were set up (because of the lovely weather last year, we actually had a number of Healers set up outside as well as inside. We also had Readers of one kind or another, herbalists, etc., these being set up around the Marae). We were flat stick on both the Saturday and Sunday.

So, if you are down that way, do call in.