Hello all

Hello to everyone active on this forum, my names Jed and I am keen to get a better understanding of my true history. I know how amazing the Welsh truly are and how we have been suppressed for thousands of years. Discovering kolbrin (coelbren) has further ignited my Welsh passion, if anyone can link me to important reads I would greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hi Jed, and welcome to the Forums!

While the Website and Forums here don’t mainly focus on Welsh, or any particular national heritage per se, there are several people here who have done an in depth study of the Keltic groups for their own sake and for a better understanding of the contextual framework of the Kolbrin and original Culdian philosophy. Many posts on these Forums have to do with just this, and I would recommend you read the posts (do a forum search) of Diane_, Yvonne Whiteman, djinnee, and Laraine. As well as reading what they have to say, you can engage them in discussion here on specific topics of interest or PM them privately through the Forum’s personal messaging setup.

You’ve mentioned the Kolbrin so I assume you have a copy, but I’d also recommend you acquire a copy of the Kailedy, the second part of the Kolbrin… which happens to be a Gospel of Jesus written and preserved through the Keltic Church in the tradition of the old Culdees and Joseph of Arimathea. There is also a lot of great information on the main Website you can find by reading the various links on the “About” tab. In time, we will add to this section even more informative history.

Thanks for joining Jed, and I hope to see you post specific topics or questions you’d like discussed here in the future.