Hello to all

I only found this website today but am thankful for the steps which led me to it.
I have only skimmed the surface of the information available, but am excited to read the core beliefs and what the Culdians stand for.
I am apart of generation Y and have always felt disgruntled with the information I have been given and found it hard to find reliable information on certain topics. I am especially interested in both the metaphysical/mystical side of spirituality and also the traditional beliefs and rituals of religion.
I am finding most of my questions have already been asked and answered by reading a lot of the other threads but again just wanted to express my gratitude and excitement to have found something which resonates within me.


Hi rummer,

I have been on this site for a few months now. You will find some great people here willing to discuss any topic you want. I also find meta-physics a really interesting subject and come from a background in philosophy. But seek and you definitely shall find, is the idiom proven here! Would love to read a few topics from you rummer.


Micheal, we are very happy to have you on board, and welcome! :slight_smile:

People come here from different backgrounds and are interested in different subjects. We try to accommodate all in the collective growth of mankind in all areas. We don’t have all the answers, by a long shot(!), and continue our quest.

It seems your largest interests are in metaphysics, mystical experience, spirituality, and Culdian philosophy/ethics. Like you, when I found the Culdian corpus of literature and group, I knew I had personally found home! Do go through the main website for information, check out some of the free selections of Teachings there, and if you’re still just as excited, look to our Store on the main site to purchase the literature. The Path can go as far as you’d like it to, and give you as much as you’re ready for.

Don’t make yourself a stranger here, as we’d love to read your comments and questions on whatever subject you like! Thanks again for your kind words and presence.