Hello and thank you for taking the time reading this introduction. My name is Jacob from Indiana (United States) and recently just joined the forums. My father came by the Kolbrin quite a few years ago from a wonderful man that lived in Arkansas. I remember as a young boy reading through the crisp pages and trying to pronounce the hard Celtic words written within! As time went on, my father let our local pastor borrow the Kolbrin and he never returned it after the local church disbanded. I went to college, got a degree and soon after met the love of my life. We have 4 beautiful children together, I recently enrolled for my Ph.D. and took on new employment as an instructor for the local college… I never been happier in my life. I have always been fascinated with Near Eastern studies and the mythological stories from around the world, and continue to read thoroughly into the subject even nowadays. I have taken several linguistic courses from Biblical Hebrew/Aramaic, Greek, and Akkadian, and even though my wife thinks I’m a nerd most days, she still encourages me to keep learning! For some odd reason, a few months back, I thought about the Kolbrin and pursued to find a copy. Of course, I ran into the “Kolbrin Bible” paperback book which is definitely not the correct material. But I did eventually find it here and now own the hardback red book from New Zealand that I had when I was younger! I study it thoroughly with my wife and have found great meaning and spiritual enlightenment through its passages. It is such a wonderful history/spiritual book that I often find myself referencing its material while working on other studies. I hope to get to know a few of you here on the forums, sharing stories and discussions that are both enlightening and soul-nourishing! Please feel free to contact me anytime but for now, its time for me to dig back into the Kolbrin before bed!

-Jacob, A Watchman

Happy New Year Jacob and welcome to the Forums!

That’s a lovely story of you being able to reconnect with the Kolbrin after so many years. Like you, I also find incredible depth and meaning throughout, in so many different aspects. It was a life changer when I first found it, and led me to search for related and corresponding material, which in turn led to my desire in experiencing first hand some of the spiritual revelations accounted for in the Kolbrin and related literature. The Kolbrin in that sense is a True Guide in my experience, and will not steer you or your family wrong.

These Forums have never been that active, and are less active now than they once were; many members gaining what they have sought and passed on. Others, many others actually, prefer to lurk and read without posting. And a few others stop in after some months of absence. I Admin these Forums, so will be here throughout, and will discuss, debate, answer questions, share, and generally act a a sounding board for you and all other types of Seekers aiming for self betterment and enlightenment in themselves, family, local communities and the world. Thank you for joining our community here. It is small, but I believe is something special and unique for what it is and represents. Please do yourself a favor and read through the older threads contained here that pertain to your interests, feel free to comment where appropriate, and start new threads on subject matters you are passionate about. I will be there for sure, and so will others if you don’t count time as a limiting factor. Cheers, and remember that a Watchman’s diligence may not may not lapse until a relieving man appears to take the shift. :wink: