Herthew and King Arthur

I have just read the Kolbrin account of Herthew and the sword. It is 100% parallel to that of King Arthur.

That says some interesting things. Firstly, it looks like clear proof that the “legend” travelled from one geographic region to another. Secondly, it suggest that (linguistically) Herthew is equivalent to
Arthur. Thirdly, I note that Arthur is equivalent in the Armenian language to “Artur”, and is a frequently used first name.

All of the above sheds light on the Kolbrin passage (see below) on the origins of Herthew.

" While Herthew was still young he was expelled from the lushlands where he was born, and he journeyed across the harshlands in the company and keeping of wise Habaris. After many days they came to Krowkasis, cradleland of our race, land of mountains and rivers, which is beside Ardis, and they encamped there in a valley."

Armenians (broadly speaking) live in the Caucasus (Krowkasis). Ar is the Armenian prefix meaning ‘Sun’. Ardis is therefore hardly coincidental.

I wonder about the significance and meaning of “Hew”. Is it possible that it is connected to the “Hu” of the Welsh Hu Gadarn?