So excited to see that there is a forum on this site as it has been several years since I have visited. When I first heard about the Kolbrin and associated texts it was as I was lost and spinning my wheels and then found. The books playing an amazing part in my process and without proof, I am a believer in the wisdom contained when applying it to life’s processes. Thankfully, my family allows me to “kolbrin thump” them frequently ;D. My first copies of the books (Kolbrin and Kailedy) are so tattered. I have since replaced them adding the companion texts which I found equally enlightening and applicable. It is exciting to start discussing the research and gleanings I have experienced over the years. I go in spurts with the books alternating with my “real life” ensnarement in matter and mortality. Again so nice to see that this board exists!

And I am very happy the Teachings have helped you in your life and on your Path, and equally excited you have found others to connect to here! I think there are more than a couple of us here that have worn their Kolbrins’ down to the bare bindings. :wink:

Take a look around the newly refurbished main site for lots more material we have shared online, and take a look through the discussions on the forum. We do have some very special people here to learn with, and it looks like we now have one more. ;D

Welcome fellow searcher for Truth, glad you have been so affected by these works. It makes the effort well worth it just to read your one paragraph from another Kolbrin thumper :smiley:

Indeed. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your sojourn with us.