How does one understand experinces

I visited Joshua Tree CA this past weekend to check out an event “Contact In the Desert”.
After a few UFO and other talks on YouTube I felt an up-close look might help me see the motivation of those present. Looking at the schedule, my attention was caught by an ancient native American site. I decided on a visit and day time being too hot I went at dark. Not finding my destination I stopped to look at the moon and stars with binoculars (nothing fancy but good light gathering and a tripod). Enjoying my new hobby hours passed and I got into the truck to head back.
Instead I feel asleep waking at 430am the silence and solitude kept me still and quiet. After awhile came a hello from a rooster and then a call from of a pair of coyotes. Next came a treat as a large pack answered the first two from closer in on the other side of my truck. They sang for a minute. I’ll be grateful for a lifetime.
Now almost daylight I was minutes from my destination, the Great Rock. I rode along knowing around the end of the hill would be my goal. To keep in the shade as long as possible I stopped in the narrow place between the Rock and the hill. Out of the truck and stepping to the rock I found a spot where the underlying crystals were visible.

Now came the surprise.
I put two fingers on the open spot wondering what would happen. Within a second rolling thunder getting louder and louder, came directly above me and the loudest thunder I heard in a long time and then it rolled away. Within seconds giant rain fell. I got in the truck to close the windows and because in a moment I would be soaked. It rained a few minutes and stopped as suddenly as it began.
I was given a glimpse of what?
Maybe a coincidence. I felt love and trust and no fear.
I wanted nothing. I was given more. How do I give more?
Any one have advice?

More Info:

Giant Rock location:
34°15’58.0"N 116°23’32.0"W.

Well perhaps if they were trying to communicate with you through coincidence you should communicate back in the same way, with coincidence! The coincidental is very significant to me, we really don’t understand the complexities of the world around us. Our scientific theory is just that, theory. It is grand principles that are suppose to account for all instances however in my experience there are always exceptions to the rule. But if we look at the word coincidence it is literally co-incidence, a convergence of incidence! So i would say make your incidence open to convergence and intersection! If someone leaves a glass of water next to your laptop and you happen to be in a rush you might have an unlucky coincidence and knock it over! But it seems your already doing that as if you visit the Nevada desert at night you might coincidentally get abducted!