How Many?

How many Culdians are there? I don’t mean registered members of this forum.
Thank you for your time.

There are only about 10 of us today, all New Zealanders save myself, an American. In the 80’s and 90’s, that number was much higher, but has been sadly reduced over the past 15-20 years for a variety of reasons…

And, there are those of us that don’t even use a computer, or don’t prefer to, which is why you won’t see everyone here.

But I do expect that number to increase due to the current outreach, after taking time to get to know folks while observing the results of certain tests and their dedication towards the Search for Truth.

Thank you.

When I am asked what religion am I or what belief system do I subscribe to, I would first think Culdian. How about you Diane? In a technical sense, we are keepers of the books, applying the Wisdom inside to life and in that broad sense, there are more than the small number in the group. Possibly there are individual and group experiences that separates out the original group from those believing in their message (i.e. channeling).

I would have to second your comment, djinnee. It seems there are more and more people out there aligned with Culdian principals and ideals. Truly, these are Culdians in Spirit. Having this type of inner consistency is what is most important. Living one’s ideal is true substance. A name, or title, or membership is only skin deep and means nothing if it is not fully lived.

Culdians are those that adhere to Culdian philosophy, whether or not they are members of the Trust, whose organization/order exists for the purpose of keeping the torch lit and held high for those weary but persistent Seekers of Truth refusing to submit to the dark.

Len…I think it’s safe to say indeed! bam, you nailed it.

djinnee-You mention what you first think when asked about your religion. My first thought is here, that’s my very first thought. I doubt I could even put into words the connection I feel. My thoughts are always with the teachings I’ve received here, the Kolbrin and where it’s led me. That’s the core, that’s the base that I relate to. I don’t consider this a religion though.

I don’t agree with everything, and I’ve expressed my concerns over certain things in the channeled works. I don’t agree with everything in the Kolbrin either. But the teachings, the channeled works, and the Kolbrin have a sound base that I relate to very much. I come back to it time and time again to ground myself to my core. Being on the outside so to speak, I can see and separate that which is core and that which can lead to dogmatic thinking.

What I say when asked what my religion is, is something different. There’s never enough time to explain my journey. I tell people who ask that I’m a seeker. If they ask what I’m seeking, I answer “The Truth”. If they say you’ll never know the truth, I say I will continue to seek it, even though I may never truly find it. Truth seeking is not all frustration, it has it’s benefits.

I really love what you folk have stated here.

To add here: Everyone who has touched our lives within the Trust, both past and present, whether member or not, has added their bit to the growth of the foundation of the Culdian Trust. Always have there been those who have stayed on the outside, the periphery, of the Trust. What their reasons are and were are theirs, but even they, mostly unseen, have added their bit to the Trust. There are also those who have tried very hard to destroy what we have, but they, too, have added their bit to the overall foundation of the Trust. And I believe this will continue to be the case; no matter what happens to the Trust as a whole and those of us who traverse this path with her.

So, from me to you… thankyou.

One idea saved me from the beatings. It was to realize that all was deception. I climbed to me knees and began to avoid the next blow by seeing the deceptions. I got on my feet walking quietly gaining strength seeing confusion and danger on the horizon instead of at the door. I remember there are more senses than five but can not name them. I remember I am one with spirit. I remember there is no fear.
By grace I am waking up. I know I belong and that I always have. I know integrity without the burden of fear, greed or jealousy.
I know gratitude.
I know to thank you all.
I do not know how many.
But I know there is one more.

That One might just be your True Self, the inner essence that refused to quit… :wink:

I would also, have to number myself amongst they who identify with the Culdian way. After reading the Kolbrin, Kailedy, and the channelled works, I would have to say that while I don’t swallow everything, like Dianne, I can separate the core ellements, from what doesn’t really matter. The Culdians and their truth (our truth ? ) have changed my life in ways I couldn’t begin to explain right now, because the process is on going. I am so grateful, that the torch bearers, have borne this light for so long, and with such dedication.
I am much quieter these days, but no less committed .
When I am asked about my “religion”, as it were, I tell folks that I am not religious, but seek the path of the true way, and truth itself, elusive as it may be in this incarnation. I seek to learn, and to teach.
Thank you Culdians, may that which we call G-d, enlighten, guide and protect you all, allways.
Shalom Aleichem !